ESL Pro League Season 11: What to expect in the Grand Finals weekend

Copyright: ESL | Helena Kristiansson, ESL
Copyright: ESL | Helena Kristiansson, ESL /

This weekend marks the end of ESL Pro League Season 11, with two decider matches on Saturday and the Grand Finals on Sunday in the North American and Europe regions.

In the North American bracket, a Consolidation Final between FURIA and Evil Geniuses will set the stage for Sunday’s Grand Final against Team Liquid. These two teams faced off on the first of April with Evil Geniuses taking the series win 2-1 in a close-fought matchup.

Evil Geniuses were unable to match the pace of Team Liquid in Friday’s Upper Bracket Final, where they ultimately squandered the series 2-0 against the #6 team on the ESL CS:GO World Rankings. If the Evil Genuises can manage to escape Saturday’s Consolidation Final, they’ll receive one final shot at Team Liquid in Sunday’s Grand Final with $75,000 USD on the line.

Before Evil Geniuses can think about a rematch against Team Liquid in the Grand Finals, they’ll first have to get through their Consolidation Final opponent, who took their latest matchup to a third map and dominated their map selection.

That opponent, of course, being FURIA – one of the most electrifying teams in the ESL Pro League. In their only matchup during Season 11, these teams needed a third map to settle the series, where Evil Genuines came out on top to take the series on Nuke 16:13.

The impressive and exciting play of FURIA combined with Evil Genuises’ ability to contend with elite teams is sure to give us an interesting Consolidation Final on Saturday. The winner will advance into Sunday’s Grand Final match to face off with Team Liquid for the lion share of a $219,000 USD prize pool.

Copyright: ESL | Bart Oerbekke, ESL
Copyright: ESL | Bart Oerbekke, ESL /

In the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe bracket, Saturday’s Decider Match features two CS:GO heavyweights as Astralis and mousesports play to determine which team will join fnatic in Sunday’s Grand Final. Each team is ranked within the top three of the ESL CS:GO World Rankings, setting the stage for a dramatic series between two star-studded lineups.

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mousesports enters Saturday’s Decider Match following back-to-back 2-0 series losses against fnatic and Astralis. mousesports surprisingly struggled in each matchup, only managing to collect a total of four rounds against Astralis in their loss on Thursday. If the same mousesports from Thursday show up to Saturday’s Decider Match, we can simply look forward to the fnatic vs Astralis Grand Final on Sunday.

Astralis on the other hand, enter the Decider Match with plenty of confidence considering the result from Thursday’s matchup against mousesports. More specifically, Emil “Magisk” Reif will certainly aim to recreate his performance against this same team. In their matchup on Thursday, ‘Magisk’ finished with an absurd 42-17 KD and a perfect 2.0 rating. In comparison, the best player for mousesports, ‘ropz’, ended the series with a 20-26 KD and 0.70 rating.

If the mousesports we know and love show up for Saturday’s Decider Match, we’re in for an exciting series between two extremely talented teams. Either way, Sunday’s Grand Final between fnatic and either of these two teams is sure to be a great series.