Will CS:GO still be playable once Counter-Strike 2 launches?

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If you have been keeping up with some of the trending gaming news lately, you might have heard the bombshell that Valve recently dropped on us. Valve announced that Counter-Strike 2 would be coming this Summer. Counter-Strike 2 would be a complete overhaul from Counter-Strike experience, making it even greater than ever before. The original Counter-Strike was released in 2000, while Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012. Valve was due to surprise the world with an announcement like this and they surely did not disappoint.

Of course, with this announcement comes a lot of different questions that are being asked. One of the most common concerns people are having is what is going to happen with CS:GO once Counter-Strike 2 is released? Are we going to lose all of our progress? Will CS:GO be shut down for good? Luckily, we have some answers for you.

Currently, Counter-Strike 2 is having a Limited Test Beta that is taking place as we speak for select players. Players were selected to participate in the Limited Test Beta by reaching a few requirements that were set out by Valve themselves. If you travel to the CS2 Limited Test Beta website, there is some pretty good information about what you can expect with the new game.

Valve states on the website that CS2 “arrives this Summer as a free upgrade to CS:GO.” Valve has also come out and said that all your items that you collected from CS:GO will be available in Counter-Strike 2. Based on both of those tad bits of information, we know that CS:GO will most likely be shut down. If CS2 is a free upgrade to CS:GO, that means that CS:GO will be no more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Overwatch did the same exact thing when Overwatch 2 was released. Overwatch was no longer playable upon the release of Overwatch 2 and anyone who tried to played the original Overwatch was told that they must download Overwatch 2.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is 11 years old and is way overdue for a massive update. Not a lot of people expected the update to be an overhaul of the game completely, but a fresh change is what the franchise needs right now. At the end of the day, CS:GO may be gone for good once CS2 comes out, but all of your items from CS:GO will still be around.

We know that an overhaul is coming and that will include new features, updated graphics, and tons of more updates along with the game. There will be tons of new updates that take place over the years as well to make sure that Counter-Strike 2 stays as fresh as possible.

The Counter-Strike franchise is extremely popular and fans couldn’t be more excited about this news. For the time being, you can play CS:GO as much as you want. However, come Summer 2023, you will most likely be forced into playing the new and much more updated Counter-Strike 2.

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