Clash Royale: Heal Spirit to replace Healer card ahead of Season 10

Supercell /

This is no joke! The Heal Spell is being deleted from Clash Royale and in its place will be the brand new Heal Spirit. Check out the details here!

I know it’s April Fools’ Day and nothing in the gaming industry can be trusted but I promise you, this announcement from Supercell Games is true. For the first time ever, Supercell will be removing a card from Clash Royale but don’t worry, they are replacing it with something else — something that sounds even better!

Ahead of the start of Season 10, the Heal Spell will be replaced with a new card, the Heal Spirit. Supercell had previously mentioned replacing the Heal Spell and now we finally see what it’s being changed into.

The Heal Spirit is similar to the Ice Spirit. It’s got the same health, damage and attack motion (running and jumping into an enemy). However, the difference is that Heal Spirit will leave behind a big healing area.

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According to Supercell, the healing done by the Heal Spirit is more power than that of the Heal Spell — 181% increase in total healing to be exact. The reason for this increase is that it happens quickly and in a short burst. The only catch is that in order for the heal effect to activate, the Heal Spirit must jump into an enemy.

There’s been talk about replacing the Heal Spell and not only because no one actually uses it. The Heal Spirit creates a more exciting card that allows for more active gameplay. It requires a bit more skill than the Heal Spell as you must know just when the right time to deploy it will be so that it gets the heal off, and skill for the opponent in attempting to block or redirect it to minimize its effectiveness.

Even though the Heal Spirit is being deleted from the game, you won’t be losing any progress you’ve made with it (assuming you bothered to level it up). Instead, it’s becoming the Heal Spirit. Anything you had worked towards with Heal will automatically transfer over to Heal Spirit.

Heal Spirit will replace Heal Spell on Thursday, April 2. This gives players a bit of time to get accustomed to the new spell before the start of Clash Royale Season 10. Supercell did mention they are looking into turning other spells into spirits, so let us know what you think a good change would be!