VALORANT Closed Beta details: How to get early access

VALORANT. Riot Games.
VALORANT. Riot Games. /

Riot Games’ highly-anticipated first-person tactical shooter VALORANT is set to make its Closed Beta debut in just about a week’s time. Details regarding how players can obtain early access to the title on April 7 were announced today.

Today, Riot Games officially announced details regarding VALORANT‘s next major step before the game hits live servers for all to play. Starting on Tuesday, April 7, a closed beta testing period, in collaboration with Twitch, will provide VALORANT fans with early access to the game’s closed beta test.

Being limited to those in Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the United States, VALORANT‘s closed beta testing period will also only be available to users who have their Riot Games and Twitch account linked. Once that’s done, players must tune in to one of the featured VALORANT streams highlighted on Twitch to secure their Closed Beta access.

  • Register for a Riot account (create a Riot account here)
  • Link your Riot account to a Twitch account (create a Twitch account here)
  • When closed beta activates in your region begin (EU and NA for now), watch specific VALORANT streams highlighted on Twitch for the opportunity to be entitled for Closed Beta access

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Riot Games’ highly anticipated tactical first-person shooter has been at the forefront of gaming speculation since our introduction to the project late last year. Waiting alongside what will certainly be a massive community of players for any updates regarding the new title, Riot managed to maintain a close-knit circle and release only what they’d like the public to see thus far.

Most recently, the VALORANT team released the first extended gameplay footage showcasing each of the character’s unique abilities. This provided an eager fanbase with plenty to debate once the abilities and character ultimates were shown off during a plant-and-defuse gamemode the team titled “The Round”. Additionally, additional particulars concerning each of VALORANT‘s “agents”, including names and various abilities, were published by Riot.

It’s fair to say that VALORANT’s original schedule, as with almost all plans in everyday life, has been undoubtedly disrupted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of VALORANT at Riot Games, offered the following statement:

"“Our plan was to bring the VALORANT Closed Beta to as many players around the world as quickly as possible, but the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted those plans, compromising a wider global rollout. For now, we have to focus on the regions where we feel most ready, with more regions following in the months to come.We want to engage with players as globally as possible as quickly as possible, and so we’ll ramp up our player count as much as we can to test our infrastructure, but we won’t be letting everyone playtest VALORANT until we’re absolutely sure we can handle it in this newly uncertain environment.”"

Thankfully, VALORANT is set to make its closed beta debut in about a week’s time, despite the challenges we’re all facing at the moment.