Call of Duty: Warzone: Duos and Quads playlists leaked for Season 3

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Datamining Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s files revealed seven new playlists coming to Warzone in Season 3, including Duos and Quads.

I absolutely love Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision’s recently released free-to-play multiplayer experience. Warzone, which launched earlier this month, comes with two game modes: a Battle Royale and Plunder. I’ve mostly played Battle Royale and while my experience with it has been enjoyable, there is one thing I wish it had — modes that support teams of two (duos) or four (quads).

Currently, Call of Duty: Warzone supports solo queue or squads with a maximum of three players. Although you can play duos with a friend and close the party so you’re not paired with a random, you’d be at a disadvantage. Most teams you encounter have three players so being one short isn’t ideal. Another downside is we often have four players interested in playing, so it sucks to trade off and leave a player out or splitting into pairs.

The perfect scenario would be the addition of duos and quads queues. We’ve known that Infinity Ward has toyed with four- and five-player squads. I don’t think we’ll see five-player squads until the game is expanded to 200 players, but it’s possible that four-player squads could be implemented as soon as the start of the next season.

Warzone‘s Season 3 kicks off early next month and dataminers have uncovered leaked files that suggest as many as seven new playlist additions. Two of those are Duos and Quads.

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Other playlists leaked include:

"Battle Royale High Action – Loot and Kill. The Gas closes in faster, so get moving.Battle Royale Shotty Snipers – Shotguns and Snipers only. Near? Far? Wherever…BR. There are no Loadout drops.Battle Royale One Shot – Battle Royale with 1-shot Headshots and no loadout drops.Realism Battle RoyaleHardcore Battle Royale"

The new playlists are certainly interesting but I’m most intrigued by Duos and Quads. The leak goes on to mention that the standard Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer will be getting new maps, Backlot (COD4) and Village (MW3), as well as the SKS Sniper and Renetti Pistol.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 is set to begin on April 7. It, of course, will bring a new Battle Pass full of cosmetic rewards you can unlock. Other than that, Warzone is a completely free experience.