Quiplash 3 set for intergalactic duels (or lighthearted banter) in Jackbox Party Pack 7 this fall

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The first game of five revealed for The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is Quiplash 3, bringing open-ended prompts to players to explore endless banter.

What I like about Jackbox Games is their unending ability to come up with a variety of minigames each and every year. It’s a staple of the casual party game and livestream scenes, and Jackbox Party Pack 7 already looks to be living up to the excellent quality seen in both its fifth and sixth iterations.

Coming to pretty much every platform you could imagine this fall (next-gen consoles to be announced), “Quiplash 3” is the first minigame officially revealed as part of The Jackbox Party Pack 7. It is accompanied by an epic trailer teasing a much larger game in scale, reminiscent of “____ of War” style mobile game trailers before the iconic voice of Schmitty lets the other shoe drop.

The reveal came at PAX East; one of the last few gaming conventions that managed not to get canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. The accompanying blog on the Jackbox Games website doesn’t get into too much detail other than saying the franchise returns “new prompts, exciting new features,” and an amazing ending that was cut (in style with the reveal video below.

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“Quiplash” might be the greatest minigame property released by the company, as the process of the game’s mechanics is simple to understand and endlessly fun to play. Each round, you are sent two prompts on your mobile device or PC, with the player to answer questions or fill in the blank statements with the funniest answer possible. After answers are submitted, players will get paired with another player in a head-to-head match, with the others (audience members included) determining the funnier quip.

After two standard rounds, the Final Quip involves everyone coming up with an answer to the same prompt. In the most recent edition, “Quiplash 2,” this might be an acronym battle or a funny cartoon dialogue setting up a scenario the player gets to answer. Watch a sample video down below to better understand why it’s funny rather than dryly listening to comedy explained in text.

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With new features coming to the franchise, hopefully, we’ll see an excellent anchor minigame for Jackbox Party Pack 7 once it arrives on, presumably, PC, consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Comcast Xfinity, Android TV, and more. Those are the platforms in which the previous iteration was available on, no lie.