PlatinumGames director on Viewtiful Joe 3, Okami 2 and more: ‘Please email Capcom’

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PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya has called on fans to email Capcom if they want to see sequels to older games.

Making games is a lot of hard work and when done right, fans crave more. Capcom has often found themselves in that position with tons of fans wanting more entries to their favorite games like Viewtiful Joe and Okami. Other times, they get disappointed when potentially good games are canned for one reason or another.

During a PAX East panel (via Nintendo Everything), though, fans were told what to do and I’m sure plenty have taken it to heart. PlatinumGames’ game designer and director, Hideki Kamiya, told fans to express their desire for Viewtiful Joe 3 or Okami 2 alongside a couple of other projects he wants to work on.

"“Okami 2… Scalebound… Viewtiful Joe 3… Dante vs. Bayonetta… Devil May Cry 0: The Episode of Sparta… I want to make everything! Please email Capcom.”"

He also wants to bring games like Viewtiful Joe to the current-gen consoles. It could be interesting to see, I never got into Viewtiful Joe and have always been a bit curious as to what I missed. If it does come to current generation consoles, I may actually consider picking up at least one of the games.

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If Okami 2 has was made, it would absolutely cause me to turn my head to the franchise. I was always slightly interested in the game, but never enough to actually drop the money to get it. I like the stylized type of games, what can I say? It seemed Okami fit the bill quite nicely, but I wasn’t fully sure if I would like or not and didn’t want to take the risk.

Here’s the thing, though, both games were brought to life by Clover Studios, a game developing studio that fizzled out of existence in 2007. Many of Clover’s staff went to work for PlatinumGames, though, so there is hope and since Viewtiful Joe and Okami are IPs owned by Capcom, they could choose to bring them back from the dead.

Another game mentioned in his short answer was Scalebound, which doesn’t make sense. Scalebound was a canned Xbox One exclusive that was being published by Xbox themselves, so recommending people email Capcom about bringing back that game will probably lead to nothing. That is unless Capcom opts to purchase the rights from Microsoft, but that’s the best-case scenario.

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What Capcom IPs do you want to see come to current- or next-gen consoles? Would you like to see Okami 2 or Viewtiful Joe 3?