Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Rumored release dates for Warzone battle royale

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, Warzone, is expected to go live in early March, possibly on the 3rd or 10th.

The rumored battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, still hasn’t officially been announced by Activision or Infinity Ward. However, numerous leaks and rumors have essentially confirmed its existence. It’s widely accepted that Modern Warfare will be getting a battle royale mode. The question is when?

Right now, there are two dates that most are looking towards for the launch of Warzone: March 3 and March 10. Both are Tuesdays, which are typically when updates for CoD roll out, so they are both possible.

Development sources when we first reported on Warzone said the battle royale mode was still a few weeks away. An ‘early March” release was expected — around March 10. This date has since been reaffirmed by renowned leaker TheGamingRevolution who shared a first look at the Warzone trailer earlier this week. He added:

"“A lot of people have been speculating about the release date of Warzone,” he said. “I’ve been hearing that it is still indeed March 10. A lot of people have been speculating that it’s the 3rd. This is what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people from the influencer events, and that’s the date they were told.”"

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Another popular date being thrown around is March 3 and this one has a bit of interesting context surrounding it. As spotted by @BattleRoyaleCoD, a Call of Duty Warzone fan account, there’s actually a possible hint hidden within the new Bazaar map that could be referencing the launch date.

According to the account, there’s what looks to be a blank map on a board. Beneath it is the date “03/03,” which some interpret to be March 3, the date Warzone could launch.

Honestly, either date could make sense. I’ve seen speculation that March 3 would be a sort of early access period for those who own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and that March 10 would be the release of Warzone as a standalone title for free.

In any case, it appears battle royale is on the way and coming sooner than originally thought. The previously “classified” section of the menu now features “Transmission Incoming” behind it.