TFT: Galaxies: Mech-Pilot origin will bring the destruction to Teamfight Tactics

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Mech-Pilot is all about destruction in TFT: Galaxies. As the name suggests, this origin spawns a giant Super-Mech at the start of combat.

Teamfight Tactics is traveling into the cosmos with TFT: Galaxies, the third official set for the auto-battler. While the Star Guardian and Cybernetic origins all seemed to serve a specific gameplay purpose in their design, it seems Riot had a different goal with Mech-Pilot, the third newly revealed origin.

Simply put, they wanted to see a giant mech and what kind of destruction it would cause in Teamfight Tactics. That’s about it.

The Mech-Pilot origin has a three champion trait bonus. At the start of combat, each of the Mech-Pilot champions (Annie, Rumble and Fizz) are merged into a Super Mech until it dies. As Riot explained in their blog post:

"With this comp, Annie, Rumble, and Fizz combine together into a Super-Mech! This big tanky mech shares traits and stats from the pilots, so the higher star level they are, the stronger your mech."

An interesting wrinkle is that the mech is capable of using three items. This presents a bit of variance and creativity in terms of how you choose to itemize it.

In their example team composition, Riot recommends pairing Mech-Pilot with Sorcerer. With four sorcerers and two demolitionists, your mech will gain +40% spell power, significantly boosting his giant AOE spell which will also stuns everyone it hits for 2.5 seconds.

Here’s what the recommended Mech-Pilot composition looks like:

Mech-Pilot: (3) At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies.

  • Annie – Tier 2 (Mech Pilot/Sorcerer): Frontline Spell Damage
  • Rumble – Tier 3 (Mech Pilot/Demolitionist): Frontline Spell Damage
  • Fizz – Tier 4 (Mech Pilot/Infiltrator): Backline CC & Damage

Demolitionist: (2) Demolitionist’s spells stun for 2.5 seconds.

  • Ziggs – Tier 1 (Rebel/Demolitionist): Ranged Spell Damage

Sorcerer: All allies gain (2) +15% (4) +40% (6) +120% increased Spell Power

  • Zoe – Tier 1 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged CC spell
  • Ahri – Tier 2 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage
  • Syndra – Tier 3 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage

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It sounds like an incredibly powerful and fun team comp. There’s no doubt that massive AOE stun spell will be amazing to see, but Riot warns this comp is “susceptible to CC.” Because of that, you may want to experiment with various items and traits to see what works best with the mech.

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Like the other comps in TFT: Galaxies thus far, it seems the goal with Mech-Pilot was to create a solid core composition that is both strong and also flexible enough to pivot. Set 3 is all about variance, from the various galaxy rulesets to the the different compositions you’ll be able to experiment with.