TFT: Galaxies – Star Guardians is a strong origin for beginners

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Set 3 for Teamfight Tactics, dubbed TFT: Galaxies, is almost upon us. Take a look at one of the new origins, Star Guardians.

With TFT: Galaxies, the third set for Teamfight Tactics, approaching, Riot Games has started to introduce some of the new origins you’ll be able to play as in the auto-battler. The developer revealed three of them so far and in this post, we’re looking at Star Guardians.

The Star Guardians is described as a “straight-forward” composition, which sounds like it will be a decent go-to for beginners. The trait grants mana to each Star Guardian champion every time one of them casts a spell. Because of this trait, Riot recommends pairing it with Sorcerers or other casters that will rely heavily on mana.

The team composition example provided by Riot includes:

  • Poppy – Tier 1 (Star Guardian/Vanguard): Tanky Frontliner
  • Zoe – Tier 1 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged CC
  • Ahri – Tier 2 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage
  • Annie – Tier 2 (Mech Pilot/Sorcerer): Frontline Spell Damage
  • Neeko – Tier 3 (Star Guardian/Protector): AOE CC
  • Syndra – Tier 3 (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage
  • Soraka – Tier 4 (Star Guardian/Mystic): Team Healing

In this instance, you’d be getting the six Star Guardian trait bonus which is 30 mana to every other Star Guardian when a Star Guardian casts a spell. If you only have three Star Guardians, then they only get 20 bonus mana.

This team comp also features a four Sorcerer trait bonus which increases Spell Power by 40 percent. In Set 3, the other two Sorcerer breakpoints at two (+15% Spell Power) and six (+120% Spell Power).

This set is clearly designed for beginners. According to Riot:

"Less experienced players can buy all the Star Guardians and still do very well. You’re going to be in a pretty good spot if you get them all, which is a core skill to understand."

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So the Star Guardian/Sorcerer team comp is easy to understand composition that’s geared towards teaching new players one of the basic core skills of Teamfight Tactics. That’s important because there are a ton of options and combinations in the game and it can sometimes be overwhelming.

To have a solid core beginning comp that can also hold its own in a match is important. That said, it also sounds like Star Guardians are also a flexible comp, making it a viable option for more experienced players who know how to adapt and counter what other players are building.

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Other combinations with Star Guardians include Protector, which provides more of a frontline, and Mystics, which offers a magic resistance buff. In TFT: Galaxies, combining the Spatula with Tear of the Goddess will turn the wearer into a Star Guardian, so if you can’t get one of the core six, you could get really creative with another champion. Riot said their favorite so far has been Star Guardian Vel’Koz.

One of the acknowledged issues with Rise of the Elements was that some comps felt like you needed a full set of six (Berserkers, for example) in order for it to be relevant. On the flip side, there were other comps in which going after six champions (Mage in the first half of the set) simply wasn’t worth it.

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It sounds like Star Guardians will be worth going after the full core set of six but also provide flexibility to pivot if needed. We’ll have to see how things shake out and how strong the comp is if you go, say, three Star Guardians.