TFT: Galaxies: Cybernetic origin is all about flexibility

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A big part of Teamfight Tactics is the ability to adapt and pivot on a whim. TFT: Galaxies’ Cybernetic origin is all about flexibility.

Arriving next month, TFT: Galaxies, the third set for Teamfight Tactics, will introduce all new origins to the auto-battler. One of the new ones is called Cybernetic.

Like Star Guardians, this is another origin with a pretty straight-forward trait bonus. Cybernetic champions with an item equipped gain a health and attack damage.

But while the bonus itself is pretty straight-forward, the origin is designed in a way that allows for flexibility. As Riot explained in their blog post:

"Cybernetic opens up a new option that we haven’t seen before, in that you need to spread out your items to maximize the benefit. The trait itself is VERY strong if you’re willing to put one item on each champion, so it becomes a fun puzzle to figure out which items get you the best return. Cybernetic is also a much more flexible origin, as it has a LOT of options on how to branch out."

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Cybernetic brings an interesting and much-needed twist to Teamfight Tactics. It’s reflective of Riot’s goal with Set 3, which is to encourage more variance in the each game. Cybernetic is all about experimentation, finding what unique item/champion combination you can create to maximize the potential return.

It seems to cater to players who enjoy putting together unique comps, not just copying whatever the internet says is the best builds for a given patch. While it’s highly likely that there will be multiple “best Cybernetic combinations” guides, I’m sure there will be a group of players who simply prefer to experiment on their own to see what they can come up with.

One of the recommended team compositions Riot suggested is 6 Blademaster, 3 Cybernetic. It looks like this:

  • Leona – Tier 1 (Cybernetic/Vanguard): Tanky frontliner
  • Fiora – Tier 1 (Cybernetic/Blademaster): Fragile Melee DPS
  • Irelia – Tier 4 (Cybernetic/Mana-Reaver/Blademaster): Melee DPS
  • Xayah – Tier 1 (Celestial/Blademaster): Ranged DPS
  • Shen – Tier 2 (Chrono/Blademaster): Tanky frontliner
  • Yasuo – Tier 2 (Rebel/Blademaster): Melee DPS
  • Kayle – Tier 4 (Valkyrie/Blademaster): Ranged DPS

This composition gets you the three Cybernetic trait bonus which is 300 health and 30 attack damage for Cybernetic champions with an item equipped (6 gets you 800 health and 80 attack damage). It also gets you the 6 Blademaster bonus of 50% chance on hit to attack two extra times (3 is 25%).

According to Riot, Irelia is the “massive carry” in this comp, but putting items on Leona and Fiora will make them viable all game. As you head into late game, stack three items on Irelia and back her up with six Blademaster champions.

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Cybernetic is an incredibly intriguing origin if only for the fact that I can’t wait to see what combinations players come up with. Riot believes it will be one of the “more popular three-piece origins,” likely due to its flexibility. With so many options available, you’ll be able to pivot quickly based on what other players are going for and the randomness dealt your way.