PUBG Update 6.2 brings more than just TDM to live servers

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Headlined by the addition of PUBG’s first alternative game mode, Update 6.2 delivers a variety of welcomed changes alongside the new game mode, Team Deathmatch.

There’s no mistake that the addition of Team Deathmatch was PUBG’s headliner for Update 6.2, however, there are several interesting highlights and changes appearing alongside the new game mode. Adjustments to the gameplay surrounding throwables will be the most notable, with the frag grenade receiving a substantial nerf. The exact damage to particular levels of armor can be found within the patch notes, but videos demonstrating these differences do it much more justice.

This level of nerf to the frag grenade was something countless players, including professionals and streamers, encouraged for the majority of last year. Perhaps this change was a bit too far towards what I believe is the right direction, and while there will certainly be after-effects felt throughout the community, I believe this change is for the best.

Personally, it felt as though grenades had become the first option for both pro and amateur players – robbing us of the exciting gunplay engagements that make PUBG so great. It didn’t take long for players to master the timing of the grenade, so perfectly timed tosses were erasing players in every round. Substantially nerfing the frag grenade will now slowly transition the meta towards a focus on player versus player gunfights. This will lead to much more entertaining exchanges throughout public and esports lobbies.

Players will also notice a few changes to the blue zone, all of which appear to be an improvement from the previous version. Most importantly, the blue zone will no longer have a visual distortion for players looking through the wall of the zone. This means that spotting players that are still making their way into the zone behind you won’t be as difficult as before. It’s also mentioned that the effects of the zone’s appearance will increase as the game progresses.

New to players on PC and Console, but a familiar one to those who have played PUBG Mobile, the parachute ‘Follow’ feature lands in Update 6.2. You can now select to ‘follow’ a teammate and follow their drop and landing in an auto-pilot fashion. This is a valuable feature when a teammate of yours is better at timing their drop, or in my case, you’re AFK pouring a cup of coffee and don’t want to land alone in the middle of nowhere. Either way, this is another welcomed feature that players will be happy to utilize.

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Following it’s initial six-week run in early Janurary, the second test of PUBG Labs: Skilled Based Rating has been included in this update. PUBG took the information gathered from their first run of the ‘Skilled Based Rating’ and made some adjustments to the algorithm – where they’re trying to accurately equate each round played into a rating for players who desire “grinding” the game to reach the highest score possible.

This is kind of a soft-competitive feature, where players can compete against better players and focus on increasing their rating from match to match. It’s unclear just how close the Mastery Team at PUBG is to finalizing the Skilled Based Rating system, but it’s absolutely more enjoyable to have something like this incorporated into the game. The rating system is only available to those who voluntarily opt-in, so be sure to click on the “Labs” tab on the main menu and participate!

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Other adjustments include tweaks to the UI/UX on the main menu, making it easier to manage your team in the lobby. As well as some improvements to the visibility of blood effects with increased contrast and “distance scaling”. Hop into PUBG to give Update 6.2 a try for yourself, I’ll see you out there on the battlegrounds!