Dead by Daylight: Chains of Hate brings The Deathslinger

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Dead by Daylight’s Chains of Hate update will take us back to the dangerous western frontier where we’ll have to survive the deadly Deathslinger.

Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is a few years old now, but the developer continues to pump out new content that helps the 4v1 asymmetrical horror game feeling fresh. The next update for the game is called “Chains of Hate,” and introduces a western-themed killer, The Deathslinger.

Unfortunately, the announcement was only accompanied by a teaser trailer, so we don’t actually get a good look at the deadly killer. That said, he is playable on the PBE testing servers and there’s no shortage of gameplay with him all over YouTube.

Behavior did at least share some details regarding the Deathslinger, who wields a speargun that is a heavily modified, hybrid rifle. Instead of shooting conventional ammunition, it fires a giant razor-sharp spear.

General impressions seem to indicate that the Deathslinger is a bit on the underwhelming side. He’s compared most to the Huntress, though generally considered weaker thanks, in part, to his range limitations (the spear is attached to a chain). The Huntress is also a more versatile killing machine. That said, he is considered a bit easier to play, so maybe newer players may find success with him.

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In addition to the Deathslinger, Chapter 15 will introduce a new survivor, Zarina Kassir, as well as a new map, Dead Dawg Saloon. Zarina is a “daring filmmaker” with the capability to manipulate sound and instantly heal other Survivors from dying to injured or from injured to healthy as long as she is at full health. As for Dead Dawg Saloon, it’s a western-themed map with a description that reads:

"This early settlement on an unforgiving frontier was once the location of an all-out gang war that resulted in a bloodbath."

Again, the teaser didn’t actually show off Dead Dawg Saloon, but gameplay on the map can be found on YouTube. Set during dusk, the map is a bit too dark in the video I saw, although it could’ve been the recording settings. I saw another video where it seemed a bit lighter but with more of an orange-ish haze.

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In any case, the Chains of Hate update looks like a fine addition to Dead by Daylight. It’s set to go live on March 10 and will be priced at $7.99.