Marvel Super War: Vision arrives on the Wakandan battlefield next week

Marvel and NetEase Games
Marvel and NetEase Games /

Developer NetEase continues to pump out new heroes for Marvel Super War at a fast pace, confirming Vision will be the next to arrive on February 13.

NetEase has announced that Vision will be the next new hero for Marvel Super War, arriving on the Wakandan battlefield next week on February 13. He follows in the footsteps of the Ancient One, who was added to the mobile MOBA game on January 30.

Vision breaks the recent string of mystic arts heroes but will stick pack a powerful punch himself. With his ability to ignore the physicality of objects and the power of his solar gem, he seems to possess great potential as a playable hero.

NetEase released a brief gameplay trailer, highlighting his abilities. It seems casting his abilities will help fill up a bar that when full will boost the strength of his other abilities, specifically his third ability, which sends out a giant laser.

His first ability acts as a sort of teleport, allowing him to pass through objects on the map such as walls. This could serve as a great escape mechanic or help set up some strategic team attacks.

His second ability looks like it fires a beam from his solar gem that does some AOE damage. His third ability also harnesses the power of his solar gem but is a skillshot that sends out a devastating beam in a line.

Vision is undoubtedly a great addition to Marvel Super War, but his announcement was met by frustration by a community eagerly awaiting the game’s global launch. Marvel Super War technically launched in December, but only in select SEA regions. It is still not available in North America, Europe or other major markets (although there are ways to skirt around the region lock).

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Vision will be the game’s 47th character and fifth new hero added since its launch. The others have been Namor, Ghost, Doctor Strange and Ancient One. We thought Wolverine might come soon and we have an entire list of other Marvel heroes we want to see added to the game as well.