Twitch Prime: Free games and loot for February revealed

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Twitch Prime members will get five free games for the month of February, including Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, based on the popular Netflix series.

Beginning February 3, Twitch Prime members (subscribers to Amazon Prime) will be able to add five games to the their collection. Plus, the usual assort of in-game items and loot will be given out throughout the month.

February’s free games include an eclectic mix of old-school shooters, a survival horror puzzler, a hoverbike racer and a turn-based strategy game. Here’s a bit about each game:

American Fugitive

A modern take on classic sandbox action and a love-letter to classic gangster movies. American Fugitive is a top-down, open-world action title in which you play as a morally gray character, Will Riley, who’s out for vengeance after the murder of his father.

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels 

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is a turn-based strategy game that explores the first season of the hit Netflix series from two sides.

Desert Child

Desert Child is an action indie racing game in which you are a hoverbike racer trying to get off Earth before it explodes.


Steredenn is a fast-paced space shooter that embraces classic games with its pixelated look and side-scrolling shooter mechanics.

White Night

A black and white survival horror in which you are trapped in an old mansion in the 1930’s and must solve puzzles.

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All five of these games will be available for free to download starting February 3. In addition to these five free games, there’s a slew of in-game look coming next month, some of which is already available.

Destiny 2 is actually receiving six loot drops over the next few months, the first of which can now be claimed. Additionally, Apex Legends players can claim the Geometric Anomoly skin for Caustic. Also available now for Prime Members is a special Ultimate Team NFL Playoff Pack for Madden 20 as well as Hero and Skin Trial Cards for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Looking ahead, here are the games that will be getting in-game loot and content:

  • February 5:  Fortress M (300x Golden Super Tank Shards, 250 Gems and 10,000 Crings)
  • February 6:  League of Legends (permanent Skin Shard)
  • February 6:  Teamfight Tactics (random Little Legend and permanent emote)
  • February 10:  Raid: Shadow Legends (Epic Champion Valla)
  • February 12:  Black Desert Mobile (Appearance Coupon)
  • February 24: Raid: Shadow Legends (Epic Skin Tomes, Greater Potions, Ancient Shards, Chickens
  • February 26: Black Desert Mobile (Boss Stamp x100)