The Sims FreePlay: What’s new in the Romantic Garden update

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The Romantic Garden update for The Sims FreePlay is now available with a new live event and two upcoming SimChase events.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the latest Sims FreePlay update is setting the mood. The Romantic Garden update is now available for the free-to-play mobile game and with it comes a new live event, some free items, SimChase events and a jam-packed schedule of events.

The highlight of the update is the Romantic Garden Live Event. This 10-day event begins on January 28 and rewards players with garden-themed items. The ultimate grand prize for completing the event within the allotted time is the secret garden house template. Of course, there are a ton of other fun rewards that you’ll unlock along the way.

The Romantic Garden Event is pretty standard and straightforward. You’ll need to collect arts and crafts items and hit daily goals to unlock the rewards.

Also coming with this update are two new SimChase events. Introduced a while back, these are competitive TV show-style challenges in which your Sim is tasked with completing a daily set of challenges to reach a checkpoint (and unlock its associated prize). The catch is that you’re racing against a rival sim to reach that checkpoint and claim the prize first.

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The first SimChase event, Floral Feud, begins on February 14 and will run for seven days. In this event, you’ll be competing to earn garden decor, such as potted plants, hanging planters, outdoor settings, side tables and modern floral fashion and hairstyles for teen Sims. The grand prize is a hammock, succulents and pond.

The second SimChase, Outdoor Engagement, begins shortly after on February 27. Garden picnic rugs, a coffee table and sofa seat, an L-shaped sofa and tall flowerpots will be up for grabs along with the grand prizes of a daybed, outdoor cinema screen, floral outfits and “gorgeous” hair.

In addition to these new events, players can look forward to the return of some older ones as well including the Daring Do’s Long Hair Hobby (February 7), HANS On! Player Favourite (February 17) and Country Homestead (February 21).

As a reminder, The Sims will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a franchise on February 4, 2020, and The Sims FreePlay will be joining in on the festivities. All players will receive a free Emerald Plumbob Hot Tub and anniversary tattoo. Additionally, iconic characters like Bella Goth, Izzy Fabulous and others will show up at the Nightclub in SimTown and offer free gifts throughout the upcoming weeks.