Force Combat: Fan-made Star Wars fighting game shows great potential

Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment, Lucasfilm
Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment, Lucasfilm /

Created by a passionate fan, Force Combat reminds us how much we desperately need a Star Wars fighting game. Make it happen, EA.

Some of you may be too young to remember, but back in 1997, LucasArts developed and released a game called Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi for the original PlayStation. It was a fighting game with all the promise in the world, taking character from the Star Wars universe and pitting them in one-on-one combat.

It ended up being a flop with critics, but actually sold fairly well upon release. It has a ridiculous story that attempted to justify why these characters were partaking in the unarmed combat discipline of Teräs Käsi and it was criticized for its sluggish combat, unbalanced characters and generally uninteresting gameplay.

While it now lives in infamy, it still serves as a reminder of what could have been. Despite its failures, there’s still enormous potential for a Star Wars fighting game. I mean, lightsaber duels are a huge part of the Star Wars draw. How could a Star Wars fighting game not work?

Well, I got news for you — it can! And one Star Wars fan showed us the potential.

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Since last year, a fan by the handle of “Lastjawa” has been single-handedly developer a Star Wars fighting game called Force Combat. And while fan-made projects are nothing new, this one actually looked like it had some pretty amazing potential, especially given the resources.

We’re talking about one guy! EA has hundreds of people working on the Star Wars IP and it still took them five years to come out with a good game.

Here we have one guy who, in his spare time, developed what looks like a pretty solid Star Wars fighting game. Check out the gameplay video for yourself, it looks legit. There’s even more footage over on Lastjawa’s Twitter page.

Despite being in the works since last year, Force Combat only recently started to gain traction. Once Star Wars fans caught wind of it, it blew up in popularity.

There’s just one problem; Disney owns the rights to the Star Wars IP and EA owns the exclusive licensing rights to publish Star Wars games on “all interactive platforms.” In other words, this game — despite how good it looks — was almost assuredly going to get shut down. There is zero chance that Disney or EA would allow this to release, so Lastjawa took the initiative and, unfortunately, closed the patreon for it.

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While it’s sad to see a game with such potential not come to fruition — especially one created by a passionate fan — the interest it generated will hopefully send a message to Disney and EA. We want a Star Wars fighting game. And if EA were smart, they would contact Lastjawa immediately.