Marvel’s Iron Man VR will now take flight in May after delay

Marvel, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Marvel, Sony Interactive Entertainment /

Camouflaj is the latest developer to delay their game. Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been pushed back from February to May.

It seems that in the midst of last week’s multiple game delays, I missed one. Marvel’s Iron Man VR, an upcoming virtual reality action-adventure game for PlayStation VR, has also been pushed back.

Developer Camouflaj took to Twitter on Friday to announce the news. They didn’t get into specifics, but did attribute the delay to needing more time to “deliver on our vision and meet the high expectations of our amazing community.”

Marvel’s Iron Man VR was originally set to launch on February 28; however, it will now release on May 15. Interestingly, its new date actually fills the void left by another Marvel game that was pushed back.

Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers was also originally supposed to release on May 15. It was also delayed last week and pushed back to September.

In Marvel’s Iron Man VR, players literally step into the suit of the Armored Avenger. In the game, the hacker and anti-corporate activist Ghost repurposes old Stark Industries technology to help bring down his empire.

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR looks like a fun little virtual reality romp. It’s unclear exactly what needed to be worked on, but there’s no denying Marvel has high standards for its brand. Perhaps it simply needed a little more polish.

This has been the fifth game delay announced in the past week or so. It joins Marvel’s Avengers, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2 as games who have had their release pushed back. Not all of them have been moved out of the Spring 2020 window, but the season is definitely looking a little more sparse.

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR hasn’t been nearly as scrutinized as Marvel’s Avengers, but perhaps that’s because it’s a VR game and the high expectations aren’t quite the same as a traditional AAA blockbuster. Whatever the case, I think both games actually look fun and a little delay, while disappointing, isn’t the end of the world — especially if it means a better product in the end.