WWE 2K20: Patch 1.06 adds Create A Championship, fixes bugs

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WWE 2K20 rolled out the latest patch in the last few days, which added Create A Championship and addressed other concerns.

While WWE 2K20 was a fun game upon release, it was unfortunately riddled with bugs and glitches that made that experience less than consistent. However, the latest patch for the game (1.06) aims to address many of those issues while also introducing a beloved feature back into the series.

Create A Championship is back! Championship belts remain one of the more fun things about professional wrestling, and WWE games allow fans the opportunity to create new ones from scratch.

Championship creation can be as simple or intricate as a player desires, and also allows players to create championships from promotions outside of WWE. Major promotions like AEW and NJPW have their own prestigious titles that fans love to see in the game.

As a result, it’s no surprise that titles like the AEW Championship, AEW Tag Team Championship, and IWGP Heavyweight Championship already top the charts as Most Downloaded Championships in the game’s Community Creations center. On top of that, there are variations of current WWE titles, like the new WWE Intercontinental Championship or The Fiend’s custom WWE Universal Championship, that are also already available in Community Creations.

On top of the return of Create A Championship, the latest patch also “addresses reported concerns” in almost every other facet of the game. There were various parts of the game, even during launch screens, where it would just inexplicably crash.

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Other areas of the game addressed in this patch include: AI behavior, animations and collisions, visual corruption, reversals, hair in Big Head mode, characters freezing, clipping, creation modes, community creations, online play, infinite load screens, broken countdown timers, Universe mode issues, run-in sequences, career rewards unlocking, MyCareer Mode, MyPlayer Mode, Road to Glory PPV matches, 2K Central showcase issues, missing subtitles, WWE 2K20 Originals, loading DLC, in-game music, ambient audio, crowd cheers, chants, and more.

So… yeah, just a few things they were trying to fix. Having played the game some since the latest patch, I’ve yet to hit a game-breaking glitch, which were definitely more common when the game launched. However, it’ll take more time before it’s clear if this patch effectively addressed all or most of the issues the game had at launch.