Apple Arcade promo highlights dozens of new must-play games

A new promotional video released for Apple Arcade spotlights more than 10 new games you have to check out from the subscription service.

Since the launch of Apple Arcade, we’ve done our best to keep you up to date with any new games that release on the service. It’s not always easy though, especially with how rapidly Apple has been adding to its library.

Apple Arcade’s catalog of games now boasts over 100 titles, and all of them are available to play for just the low subscription price of $4.99 per month. It’s an amazing deal, especially if you enjoy variety in your games.

Last week, Apple Arcade cracked the 100 game mark with the release of Rosie’s Reality. But the service has seen multiple other games arrive since its launch a few months ago.

In case you missed some of our coverage, Apple has gone ahead and released their own promotional video. The nearly two-minute video spotlights over a dozen games that are highly recommended.

Apple refers to them as new releases, but they’ve been around for a few weeks. Among the titles mentioned are Redout Space Assault, Team Sonic Racing and Takeshi and Hiroshi. Those three games are among my favorites so far but I think they also do a good job highlighting the type of variety you can expect with games on Apple Arcade.

They are all vastly different games and unique experiences. There’s so much to choose from with Apple Arcade, which is why we previously called it one of the best surprises of 2019.

We compiled a list of our eight favorite games when the service first launched, but I have a feeling we’ll be having to update it in the coming months, especially at the rate in which new games keep arriving. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what Apple Arcade games are your favorite and which we should check out.

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