Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 teased in December update video

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Supercell has released the first teaser for the Clash of Clans December update, strongly hinting at the arrival of Town Hall 13, a new hero and more.

Time for your builders to wake up because Town Hall 13 is coming to Clash of Clans! Finally.

Typically, Supercell waits about a week or two before an update drops to begin teasing new features, but with all of the hype surrounding the December update, it’s no surprise they’ve started with an early sneak peek. The developer released a brief teaser video today, hyping the upcoming December update.

The video is littered with hints of what’s to come, but none more apparent than the references to Town Hall 13. There are multiple clues blatantly hinting at the new Town Hall level, and possibly even some hints as to what it’ll bring.

“It’s invading villages,” the video teases. “It’s shaping attacks. What can it be?” Check out the video below and see what clues you can uncover about the Clash of Clans December update.

The most obvious new addition presumably coming with Town Hall 13 is a new hero. This would be the game’s fourth hero, joining the likes of the Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Grand Warden. Unfortunately, the hero is covered up by a builder, but we do see some snippets of his/her clothing, which appears to be a blue robe of sorts.

Beyond the Town Hall and new hero, any other sneak peeks featured in the video are up to fans to discover. I’m sure there are plenty to be bound, but one of the more intriguing clues is the photo of the hog rider circled with an arrow pointing from a Christmas tree. Obviously, as a December update, we can expect some sort of holiday decorations to accompany all of the new features. But is there more to this image?

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The December update doesn’t yet have a release date, but last year’s winter update went live fairly early in the month (around December 10). Given how early the sneak peek teaser has been released, I imagine this one will arrive around the same time. That said, this does appear to be a fairly large update — Supercell even previously teased it as “very massive” — so I wouldn’t be surprised it Supercell takes a little bit longer to ensure all of the kinks and bugs are worked out first.

The last major game update for Clash of Clans came in October, but didn’t feature any new troop levels or buildings. It simply removed the global chat and introduced an improved clan recruitment tool, while also implementing some quality of life improvements. It also included a lot of behind the scenes stuff to help set the stage for the December update.

So while we wait for more sneak peeks from Supercell, be sure to break down the video above and let us know what you think is coming with Town Hall 13.