TFT: Everything we know about Set 2 ‘Rise of the Elements’

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Riot confirmed that Set 2 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) will be called Rise of the Elements, and will introduce all new champions, classes and origins.

During the League of Legends 10-year anniversary stream, Riot briefly spoke about the future of Teamfight Tactics. As you probably already know, Set 1 of the popular auto-battler is drawing to a close, presumably marking an end to the current “beta” phase that TFT is technically still in.

Currently, TFT is in its third iteration of a beta, and it’s scheduled to end with the start of patch 9.22 on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. So what comes after that?

“Rise of the Elements” — Set 2 of Teamfight Tactics.  With patch 9.22, TFT will undergo its first major refresh since launching in August. All of the current champions — the original 50 units and the ones that have been added post-launch — will be removed from the mode and replaced with brand new ones selected from the vast library of League of Legends characters.

Rise of the Elements is the first of what Riot is referring to as Seasonal Sets. Designed to keep TFT feeling fresh and fun, Seasonal Sets will rotate in new champions, origins, classes and items. These new sets will keep some of the current set mechanics, but will also reimagine some and introduce completely new ones as well.

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Riot didn’t go into too much depth, as a more detailed blog post will go live next week. But a preview video confirmed that Rise of the Elements will feaure new origins like “desert, inferno and poison” and new classes including “summoners and mystics.” Lux, Annie and Olaf were three specific champions mentioned as coming to TFT, but Riot also said some “old favorites” will be reimagined with “new twists” (with a screenshot of Zed accompanying that).

Of course, Set 2 will also come with new cosmetic rewards, including new Little Legends, arena skins and “new things to make you and your team look good.”

For those of you who have played ranked in the current beta, Riot assured you will be rewarded, though they didn’t go into detail as to what that reward will be. They also said the ladder will be reset as improvements are made to the system.

Set 2 “Rise of the Elements” will hit the PBE on October 22 before hitting the live servers on November 6.