TFT patch 9.20 arrives today with full list of buffs and nerfs

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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 9.20 releases today, bringing nerfs to Assassins and Wild as well as other balance adjustments.

With Set 1 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) coming to an end, patch 9.20 doesn’t contain a ton of changes, but the ones that are included will undoubtedly shift the current meta of the game.

Since patch 9.19, Assassins and Wild have been the two most popular team compositions. Yes, there are a few other very viable traits (like Knights or Brawlers), but Assassins and Wild are without a doubt pretty dominant – effectively guaranteeing a top-four spot if played correctly. Today’s patch looks to curb that a bit.

Assassins are on the receiving end of the nerf bat, and it’s a pretty big one. The percentage for a critical chance with three Assassins on the board has been decreased from 10% to 5%.

But the nerf to Assassins comes on a more individual level. Akali, who has been an absolute dominant beast these past few weeks has had her attack speed lowered from 0.85 to 0.80. Akali’s nerf coupled with the slight reduction in critical percent damage for Infinity Edge (150% to 125%) should help bring Assassins down to a more reasonable level. Additionally, the duration of Frozen Heart has been lowered from four seconds to one second, which is another major hit to Assassins.

The Wild trait was also nerfed with the attack speed per stack lowered from 12% to 10%, which might impact some combinations with Shapeshifters.

Interestingly, Gunslingers got a slight buff, particularly when you have 6 of them. You’ll now have a chance to shoot four extra shots instead of three when you have six Gunslingers. But that’s not all, Lucian’s spell damage has been slightly increased at all levels, and Gangplank’s Attack Damage has been buffed from 55 to 60. Lucian was already among the best early- to mid-game Gunslingers, but he did fall off towards late game, so this buff should help him stay viable if you go the Gunslinger route.

Other changes include an increase in Guardian Armor Bonus (35 increased to45) and a slight decrease to the amount of damage ignored when you have six Knights (65 reduced to 60).

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Another small tweak that could have a major impact on how you econ is a reduction in the XP needed to level to 5. It has been lowered from 12 Gold to 10 Gold, meaning you won’t have to spend that extra Gold to hit five champions by Krugs.

You can check out the full patch notes 9.20 here. As usual, we’ll have our guide for best team comps for this patch later this week once we’ve played a few matches. But I have a sneaking suspicion Brawlers are going to come out on top.

As a reminder, today also marks the start of Beta Pass V.3. This will run for the next five weeks, ending with the start of patch 9.22 on Wednesday, November 6.