The Division 2: How to find The Agony hidden boss in the Manning National Zoo

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After dropping hints of a hidden boss in The Division 2, one player has finally unlocked the mystery to fighting The Agony in the Manning National Zoo.

By now you’ve probably heard about The Division 2‘s hidden boss. Game developer Trick Dempsey teased the secret boss during the latest State of the Game, revealing that no one had discovered it yet which, of course, prompted players to begin searching for clues.

Dempsey offered some hints about the boss, which is located in the Manning National Zoo mission, including one that teased, “if you find yourself in one of our levels and you have about a football field’s length in which you are doing nothing, you should probably look around.”

The boss is called The Agony, and one Reddit user has finally figured out how to activate him. It involves shooting beehives scattered around the zoo and then interacting with the bees and butterflies exhibit. Once you do that, you’ll activate the heavily armored boss, The Agony. Reddit user ArcLight079 provided a more detailed explanation:

"so after crocodile pit, in exhibit area before you proceed to monorail, huge open area. shoot 5 bee hives- one straight from entrance , one near ocelot exhibit, one on high ground at wolf exhibit, one near butterfly exhibit, one in [maintenance] area behind monorail entrance, to left of it, hidden behind cars. after shooting them , go to butterfly exhibit, panel now can be interacted with. secret is done."

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A video of the entire activation process and boss fight was also posted.

The Agony doesn’t appear too difficult. He wears a hazmat suit and carries an intimidating hammer. He also has a stinger hive that can send out small drones. Some players have speculated that The Agony is in reference to Metal Gear Solid‘s The Pain.

The Manning National Zoo mission arrived in July with the release of Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions, the first of three planned expansions for The Division 2. It’s pretty cool that after all these months, there were still secrets to be discovered and bosses that had yet to be found. It just goes to show how deep these add-ons can actually go. I can’t wait to see what’s hidden in the two remaining episodes. The next episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle, will arrive this month with the release of Title Update 6, and will feature the game’s second 8-player raid.