Division 2 Title Update 6 Episode 2 coming in October with big Gear changes

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In the return of Division 2’s State of the Game, it was revealed that Titled Update 6 will release in October, and will include Episode 2.

Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle, The Division 2‘s second free downloadable expansion, will release in October, Ubisoft confirmed this week. Barring any setbacks or delays, it will arrive alongside Title Update 6, which promises all sorts of changes to Gear sets and more.

The weekly State of the Game livestream returned with Ubisoft giving players an overview of some of the big changes coming with Title Update 6. A majority of the focus was on changes to Gear Sets, which will no longer require six items to complete the Gear Set. Instead, you’ll only need four items to unlock all of the set bonuses.

The goal with Title Update 6, it seems is all about giving players flexibility in their builds. By removing the six-piece requirement, players can now experiment with and combine other high-end pieces or exotic items in their build. This is a welcomed change that’ll open up all sorts of possibilities moving forward, which is important to the health of The Division 2 as it is still technically an RPG.

Title Update 6 will also make Raid Gear Sets available in the general loot pool, though the chest and backpack will stay exclusive to the raid. This move allows those who don’t participate in the raid the opportunity to collect the remaining four items and still be able to activate the Gear Set bonus. That said, you will still need to complete the raid to complete the entire Raid Gear Set and unlock its full potential. While this change might upset some users, I appreciate Ubisoft’s willingness to cater to casual players who may not have time or the friends to run the raid.

In another move designed to create flexibility when creating your build, Ubisoft noted: “With all brands have items for all slots.”

Title Update 6 will also rework named weapons. Already featured in the game, named weapons, like Emeline’s Guard P90, have a unique look and story behind them. Currently, these named weapons offer nothing more than a reskin of already existing weapons, so while you may have a cool story to tell about the weapon, you won’t notice any extra bonuses. The fact that these named weapons offer no sort of additional power tempers the excitement when one drops, so Title Update 6 will address this.

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In hopes of making named items more exciting when they drop, TU6 will not only add more special visuals to them but also make them more powerful with a unique talent. As explained in the livestream, this talent will essentially be a “perfect” version of an already-existing high-end talent, slightly boosting whatever is on the weapon. So if a weapon normally does 10 percent damage under a specific condition, the perfect version on a named item might increase that to 15 percent.

There will be a total of 35 new named items added to The Division 2, some with specific farming sources. Given their powerful nature, Ubisoft did say these will be very rare drops, likely restricted to Heroic Missions and other higher difficulty areas, though this is still to be determined.

Other gameplay enhancements briefly talked about during the livestream include increasing the stash cap to 300 slots, raising the cap for carrying crafting materials (and sharing materials between characters), and the ability to farm for specific loot in World Tier 5 (by showing what type of loot a mission or zone has associated with it).

Overall, these all seem to be positive changes to The Division 2. As we continue through the month, Ubisoft will detail Dark Zone and PvP changes during next week’s stream and offer “a look at the road ahead” to close out the month of September on the 25th.

Beyond actual gameplay changes, Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle will also introduce the game’s second 8-player raid. Not much has been revealed in terms of the episode’s actual content, except that players will take on the Black Tusks in an attempt to secure “what lies behind the walls of this last castle.”