Alan Wake 2: How to unlock every weapon

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Alan Wake is a puzzle lovers dream. Not only do you need to solve puzzles, but you need to solve puzzles that you need to solve another puzzle. Many of these involve the game’s weapons, of which there are eight to unlock. Of those 8, Saga uses 5 and Alan 3. Below, we take you through all 8 and how to unlock them.

The first one is the pistol, after that they are listed in no particular order. Any that requires puzzles, we’ll do you a favor and skip the process right to the solution.


This is given to you at the beginning of the game. You can upgrade it, of course, but nothing special is needed to unlock.

Hunting Rifle – Chapter 5 Wellness center

One of the best weapons in the game, but you’ll need to wait until late to find it. You’ll need to go to the Wellness Center in Old Gods chapter 5. Get the door knob from the box under the reception desk. Go to the locked room next to the security office, put the doorknob on, go in and grab the rifle out of the gun locker.

Crossbow – Chapter 3 local girl

The crossbow is easy to find as it’s in a cult stash location in Watery. You can get it on your first trip there and only need to follow the main story. You’ll have to follow the road until you get to a split on your way to Coffee World. To the west of the split is a beat-up old cabin with the location outside. Enter the code 5 2 7 in the lock and the crossbow is yours. If you go after the story section, it’s on the main road on the north east section of the map leading toward the lake.

Shotgun – Chapter 2 general store

This is in the general store, and you’ll see the clue to find lady fortuna at the desk. Look at the lottery ticket and enter the code 739 into the lock under the shotgun. It’s all yours.

Pump action shotgun – Chapter 6

Use the morgue key at the Sheriff’s office. The gun is on the wall and the clue is literally right on his desk. Not exactly very “cop-like” to leave the answer out in the open

The final three weapons are for Alan – Flare Gun – We sing initiation 4

The flare gun is a pretty sick weapon with fun after-effects. This is located right on the desk in the talk show studio near the end and is part of the story. It’s possible you don’t pick it up, but you have to see it as you progress.

Double barreled shotgun – Chapter 5 room 665

It’s in the Oceanview hotel after you solve the puzzle to get in of course. If you want to get it during the story, you just wait for the part where you get an unknown call and have to find the alternate entrance to the hotel. If you come later, you have to use the alley directly west of Ocean Ave and Caldera St intersection. Go to the mirror peak bar around the corner and you can see the gun on the wall locked up. Here’s the trick. Angel lamp the bar to get you inside, clicker yourself to stay there, grab the gun off the wall (there’s no code to get it, the code is getting inside), then angel lamp to get yourself out and BOOM! Presto-chango you have yourself the shotgun.

Revolver – Casey Chapter 2

Leave the talk show studio and enter the alley. A cinematic will start and you’ll be given the revolver similar to how Saga has her pistol. No real code is needed as it’s part of the story,

There you go. That’s how you find and unlock every weapon in Alan Wake 2. Which is your favorite? Let us know below!