NHL 20 first content update arrives, here’s what’s new

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With the gameplay of NHL 20 considered to be in a “good place,” the first content update doesn’t change too much, but does offer some improvements.

The first content update for NHL 20 has arrived and EA Vancouver has shared the patch notes. While this is typically when the developer releases a tuning update, EA explained that they believe NHL 20 is in “a good place” overall (and we agree with them), so there’s no major gameplay changes in today’s patch. But that’s not to say there are no issues with the game, as today’s content update features plenty of fixes and improvements across the different modes.

The most glaring problem that was thankfully fixed today was the desync issue in HUT that resulted in the opening face-off to loop in some online games. Some other general fixes for HUT were included, but this was easily the major one. EA Vancouver is also investigating some user reports that “the ping being shown in-game is not matching their in-game HUT experience.”

Over 20 new uniforms have also been added to the game, including the newly revealed alternates for the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers.

Franchise Mode was another major focus of the update, though much of what’s new are simple quality of life improvements, like the addition of the season standings to the calendar screen. Another improvement players might appreciate is the “Auto Staff Setting” which will allow the CPU to assign scouts for your user team.

Another pretty big change in today’s update has to do with the new rule changes made ahead of the season, specifically with face-offs when the puck is shot out of bounds.

"When the attacking team is responsible for the puck going out of play in the attacking zone, in all instances, the face-off will be conducted at one of the two face-off dots in the attacking zone."

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While gameplay is generally considered to be in a good place in terms of overall balance, the update does adjust some odd behavior as it pertains to physics and AI. Most notably, goalie animations have been adjusted so that they should track the puck better when it’s behind the net.

Overall, there’s really not much in terms of massive fixes or changes and that’s probably because NHL 20 is pretty much just a more polished version of last year’s game. That said, there are three major areas that EA is keeping an eye on:

  • Interceptions from behind
  • Inconsistency of low relative speed hits from console to console
  • Puck loss when pivoting at high speed

Are you enjoying your time with NHL 20 thus far?