MUT 20: Calvin Johnson returns to Madden Ultimate Team as FS

Legendary Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is returning to MUT 20 as part of the Madden Ultimate Team 10 collection, but his position might surprise you.

EA has revealed the next player to join Madden 20‘s Ultimate Team as part of the MUT 10th Anniversary collection. It’s none other than legendary Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

In just his limited time in the NFL — a career many fans wish didn’t end as soon as it did — Johnson single-handedly dominated opposing defenses. His 300 yard game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2013 still haunts me to this day.

But if you look closely at his Ultimate Team 10 card, you’ll notice something very interesting. He has not been added to the game as a wide receiver. Nope, instead, Calvin Johnson makes his MUT 20 debut as a Free Safety.

To the average fan, this may be a bit odd, but Ultimate Team veterans are probably pretty familiar with Johnson in the free safety position. His size, speed and hands make him a formidable defender, and he’s a pretty popular choice.

Johnson Madden Ultimate Team 10 card checks in at a 92 overall with 88 speed, 87 acceleration, 83 tackle, 89 play recognition, 86 pursuit, 77 man coverage and 91 zone coverage.

Fans seem divided over Calvin Johnson’s addition to Madden 20 Ultimate Team. Some of it stems from the Madden Ultimate Team 10 program itself and whether or not it’s supposed to be the best players at their respective position or just players that have dominated in Madden at each position in the past. Others are upset of EA’s decision to add Calvin Johnson over other actual free safeties, like Sean Taylor or Ed Reed.

Regardless of how you feel, Calvin Johnson will be found in packs until Monday, September 30. Be sure to complete his limited-time solo challenge to earn his Power-Up item and MUT 10 Collectible before it expires.

Megatron joins a list of pretty special NFL players as part of the Madden Ultimate Team 10 collection, including Julius Peppers, Randy Moss, Michael Vick, Bo Jackson and Patrick Willis. EA has previously stated that the MUT 10 collection will consist of a total of 10 players when it’s all said and done, so we’ve got four more left. Who do you want to see added?