Competitive TFT won’t start until 2020, according to Riot

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Riot Games has every intention of building a competitive scene for Teamfight Tactics, but it won’t start until 2020.

Since launching the Teamfight Tactics within League of Legends a few months ago, the strategic auto-battler game mode has exploded in popularity. As the beta season for TFT comes closer to an end, Riot shared some impressive statistics regarding the mode.

For starters, Teamfight Tactics has over 33 million players each month since release with a collective 1,725,000,000 hours of game time (720,000,000 hours coming in the last 30 days alone). The number is certainly impressive and Riot has already confirmed that Teamfight Tactics is here to stay and will be supported with regular updates. In fact, update 9.19 just released today.

Teamfight Tactics has come a long way since its launch. Riot has consistently built upon the game mode, implementing new features, adding more champions and fine-tuning the systems. A match history feature will be arriving sometime within this current patch cycle.

And ranked play, introduced just a few months ago, is thriving. Riot revealed that the proportion of ranked to normal games of TFT is 4:1. Clearly, there’s a strong demand for a competitive scene, and Riot has plans to deliver, though it won’t come until 2020.

In a new blog post today, TFT product lead Richard “Maple Nectar” Henkel stated:

"I don’t want to spoil everything, but I will say that we’re committing to building a competitive scene for TFT starting in 2020. The hunger is definitely there—the proportion of ranked to normal games of TFT is 4:1, and the mode is incredibly resonant in some of our most competitive regions like Korea. We want to provide an experience worthy of the players that have dedicated themselves to being the best in the world."

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Technically, Teamfight Tactics is still in beta. We’re currently in version 2 of what many refer to as “Season 0.” We don’t even know what the ranked rewards for this will be, so clearly Riot has some planning to do, which explains why they aren’t rushing forward with an official competitive scene. But it’s good to know that it at least is in the pipeline.

In the meantime, there’s a lot to adjust to with this latest patch, which Riot says is “the last of the major gameplay changes for Set 1.” Set 2 will arrive sometime next month, which will coincide with the start of a new preseason ahead of Season 1. I don’t know what’s in store, but Riot does have a 10-year anniversary livestream coming up in which they will detail some of the major changes coming to Teamfight Tactics.