TFT: Kai’Sa will make assassin/ranger/void comps even stronger in patch 9.19

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Kai’Sa is the next champion to join TFT (Teamfight Tactics). Coming in patch 9.19, she’s now playable on the PBE and here’s how she’ll impact the meta.

Shortly after the release of TFT patch 9.18 last week, it was announced that the game’s next major update (patch 9.19) will introduce yet another new champion into the mix: Kai’Sa.

Already playable on the PBE, Kai’Sa is a Legendary Void unit with the Ranger and Assassin class traits. As one of the few champions in TFT with three team synergies, Kai’Sa will undoubtedly open up more team comp possibilities and unique builds in the late game. But perhaps more importantly, she’ll reinforce the current meta in which rangers, assassins and void units are among the most popular.

As Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer points out, “She can be the carry in an end game Ranger & Brawler build, or a safer Assassin while you chase the 9 Assassin dream.”

Rangers and assassins are already two very popular team comps right now, and both are very strong. Adding another, powerful Legendary unit to the mix will only further push the meta towards these team comps.

She’s also a Void unit, another strong trait that is very much part of the meta right now — especially as a counter to strong defensive teams. The addition of a fourth Void unit would make it a bit too easy to counter strong defenses, so Riot is actually changing how the Void trait bonus will work; it will now work like Imperial. With two Void champions, one of the Void units will do true damage. If you have all four Void units, all of them will do true damage.

This new change should result in Void not being quite so dominant early game, but also allow it to be a viable build option that scales into late game.

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As for Kai’Sa as an individual unit, she seems strong enough. Although her base AD is “lower,” she has the highest base attack speed in the game. Guinsoo’s or Stattik Shiv are recommended for her and for good reason too. With so much attack speed, proccing Stattik Shiv sounds incredibly powerful.

Her ability allows Kai’Sa to dash past the furthest enemy and gain a shield and “a lot” of attack speed for a few seconds. Whereas rangers are typically backline units without much mobility, Kai’Sa will redefine this class and provide even more flexibility and survivability.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound like the meta will change all that much with the arrival of Kai’Sa. If anything, we should get used to seeing more assassin/ranger/void comps. This new champion will seemingly only make these comps even stronger late game — especially as a Legendary unit.