PUBG Survival Mastery: New progression system loaded with features

Courtesy of PUBG Corp.
Courtesy of PUBG Corp. /

PUBG’s new Survival Mastery system will reward the survivalists while providing players with an innovative approach to track their playstyle and tendencies on the battlegrounds.

PUBG Corp. has announced a new Survival Mastery system filled with new features and stat tracking, enabling players to understand their gameplay like never before. Accompanied by the Weapon Mastery system introduced back in April, this announcement appears to be PUBG’s next step towards a long-awaited and complete progression system.

Making its way to test servers tomorrow, Survival Mastery is designed to recognize and reward a player’s ability to stay alive during a match. For example, managing to position yourself within a hard-shift on Sosnovka Island will be rewarded with XP to advance your Survival Level. Starting at Level 1, the max level for this season has been set to 500. Players can find both the Survival and Weapon progression systems within the “Mastery” tab on the menu screen.

A new feature in this system will allow players to better understand their own playstyle. As you progress from match to match the new system will track your playstyle and attribute a series of traits, producing a summary of your in-game tendencies. The three main traits rendered by this system will be a Combat Trait – whether your an up close and personal player or someone who sits back and picks your shots; a Looting Traits – are you someone who takes the bare minimum to keep moving or a blue-zone pack rat unable to leave behind that second flash hider?; and a Landing Trait – which will label the player base as either a conservative in terms of early engagements or a full-fledged TTV hotdopper.

I love the idea of providing players will new and interesting methods to track their playstyle and statistics. As someone who refers to other PUBG stat sites, I would love to see more systems like these make their way into the game.

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PUBG ID” was also unveiled, delivering some additional personalization for players. Here, you’ll be able to display your Survival Level, as well as a variety of backdrops and icons. This is a nice touch and should really make the “Last Match” tab much more eye-appealing.

Speaking of which, the “Last Match” tab received a complete overhaul to accommodate the new Survival and Weapon Mastery system. Players will have the ability to review their most recent match, ranging from gun-specific damage to how far you traveled in a buggy during that match. All of this data will feed directly into the traits already mentioned, giving the player a short-term and long-term perspective of their gameplay.

PUBG mentioned that the “next pillar” of their mastery system is currently being designed, so expect another announcement down the road. You can check out the new Survival Mastery system in-game on PUBG Test Servers tomorrow, while the patch will roll out to live servers on September 24th.