MLB The Show 19: 6th inning content revealed, including bosses

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MLB The Show 19 adds Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Piazza and Jackie Robinson as 6th inning bosses.

Sony San Diego premiered the latest content for MLB The Show 19 in a live stream on Thursday and revealed two of the three 6th inning bosses. Ken Griffey Jr. was revealed earlier in the week, but Mets catcher Mike Piazza and Dodgers 2B Jackie Robinson were revealed during the live stream. Each of the bosses is 99 rated and good God picking one of these at 300 stars will be tough.

Piazza is one of, if not the best catcher in the game. He has >100 rated stats in every batting stat except bunting. His speed is wanting at 45 and his fielding isn’t nearly as good as players such as Gary Carter,  Yadier Molina and Benito Santiago. However, his hitting is just so good that he is absolutely in consideration for a starting spot and a lock for a bench bat in most lineups.

Robinson, here a second baseman and not a left fielder, is a huge upgrade over his 88-rated All-Star card. He has >100 contact from both sides and an upgrade of over 20 power on both sides of the plate. His speed is rated at 95 and fielding at 86. With his secondary positions of first base, third base and left fielder, Robinson could definitely fit in any lineup and if paired with players like Willie Mays and Tony Gwynn in the outfield or Cal Ripken Jr. in the inner infield, Robinson could create a lock-down defense.

Then there is Griffey. His hitting stats aren’t nearly as good as a player like Piazza or a center fielder like Willie Mays, but he makes up for it with his fielding and speed. Choosing between Mays and Griffey as an endgame center fielder is a very tough choice, but both cards are good enough to fit somewhere in a lineup.

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The 6th inning program also includes several diamond players who are not bosses. On the way to Robinson, Piazza or Griffey, players will be able to pick a Veteran Lefty Grove, All-Star Mark Melancon or Veteran Eric Davis at 100 stars as well as a Signature Series Matt Carpenter, Catfish Hunter or Dante Bichette at 200 stars.

The 600-star level includes something unique: a Signature Series choice pack. The pack was available earlier in the year but is no longer for sale. In earlier programs, a Monthly Awards pack was the reward for reaching 600 stars.

The set 19 Headliners Pack also has a pair of Signature Series cards: Fergie Jenkins and Nelson Cruz. Jenkins will be one of three pitchers to have a >100 BB/9 rating and has an absurd mix of pitches and speeds that will make him tough to face for any player. Cruz has elite power, but not great fielding; with the abundance options for both right field and the bench, it’s hard to see him cracking many lineups. The devs also revealed a diamond Topps Now Aristedes Aquino, who has been on an absolute tear as of late and is being rewarded accordingly.

The MLB The Show 19 update released on Thursday and is playable now.