PS4 is the quickest to reach 100 million units sold

Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images
Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images /

The PlayStation 4 has reached 100 million units sold as of this week. Sony hit the mark quicker than any console before, surpassing the PlayStation 2.

In less than six years, the PlayStation 4 has sold 100 million units worldwide. That is the fastest mark for any console ever released. Sales for the console have been steady throughout the years. In 2017 Sony’s console sold 19 million units, then 17.8 million in 2018, after releasing their quarter one information they revealed 3.2 million units sold between April and late June, pushing them to nine-figure sales.

Reaching the milestone is an important one that shows the sustained success of the console. The console should also pass the Nintendo Wii in the coming months. The PS4 sold 1 million units upon initial launch in late 2013, finding the biggest growth in 2016, where it sold 34.9 million units in the calendar year.

The previous record was held by another Sony product: the PlayStation 2. The PS2 is the current record holder for total units sold with 155 million sold worldwide. It hit 100 million units sold after five years and nine months in late November of 2005, the PS4 took five years and seven months to reach the mark.

The Nintendo Wii, another console that surpassed 100 million sales in its lifetime, took seven years and six months to get there.

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Two takeaways: the age of the console isn’t dead. And this is the PlayStation 4 cementing its dominance over the 2010s era of consoles. With the only closer competition being the Xbox One, due to the Nintendo Switch being later and the Wii releasing much earlier.

With the PlayStation 5 releasing in the near future, the PlayStation 4 will keep its spot as the flagship console, and almost certainly get new games for a little while. The PlayStation 2 had games released on it until late 2013. Upgrades don’t have to come in immediately, and it will be some time until the PS4 is deemed obsolete.

What this could mean for the future is a rough start for PlayStation 5 sales. It will be interesting to see an official price and more information about Sony’s future. Regardless, the PlayStation 4 has put itself in gaming history.