Teamfight Tactics phase one Beta Pass is ending soon

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Phase one of the Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass is coming to an end, with the second chapter starting on patch 9.16.

As Riot Games continues to improve upon the state of Teamfight Tactics, the developer is forging ahead with its Beta Pass, a built-in mission system that provides rewards for completing weekly challenges.

Currently, the Beta Pass is in its “first chapter,” but that’s coming to an end soon. Because the system launched at different times according to region, the date of its end varies. For starters, the Japan and Oceania region are both slated to end on July 23. In North America, we have until July 29. The full list of dates and times for the official end points for the first chapter of the Beta Pass are found on Riot’s website.

The good news is the Beta Pass will return with patch 9.16, which is scheduled to release on August 14. This will technically be the second chapter of the Beta Pass, but will contain “similar missions and prizes” as the first phase.

This includes weekly challenges that required you to play a certain number of games, a specific type of team comp, or general challenges of that nature. The challenges were pretty straight forward and easily achievable, and completing them would reward you with Beta Pass points. At certain Beta Pass point levels, you would unlock cosmetics like new arenas, Little Legends and Mystery Emotes.

For a lot of people, this is just a neat little bonus for playing a game that’s already addictive – especially now that Ranked play has arrived. For others, it gives them a goal and some additional challenge to achieve in a match.

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But Riot is promising to “shake things up” after the second chapter of the Beta Pass. We don’t know what that means right now as the developer didn’t share any details, but I suspect it will become more like battle/season passes found in other games; you’ll pay a small amount of money at the start of each season to unlock access to the pass which you’ll then have to grind your way through to get the actual cosmetics.

I’m personally hoping that they add the ability to have champion skins in Teamfight Tactics, but I’m not sure how that would work given that you aren’t controlling a specific, single champion. Perhaps Riot can figure out a way to have the skins appear on an individual player basis, so that my in-game Garen would look different to me than your in-game Garen.

We should get more details about the next Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass in the coming weeks.