Overwatch’s 31st hero announced: Meet Sigma

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After a couple of teasers, Blizzard has officially announced the 31st hero for Overwatch: Meet Sigma.


Blizzard has officially revealed Sigma, Overwatch‘s 31st hero. Check out his origin story below.

Even though we haven’t see any gameplay, he already looks amazing based only on this cinematic.


After teasing that Overwatch’s 31st hero will be releasing “a little bit later than you’re used to,” it appears Blizzard has already begun the unveiling process. Multiple posts from the official Overwatch Twitter account over the weekend have seemingly teased the newest champion, and it looks like he’ll have something to do with music.

The first teaser came on Saturday and featured a brief 20-second video that looked like your typical developer update. However, just as game director Jeff Kaplan was about to go into detail, the video gets warped away and we begin to hear some classical music as a bunch of math equations are shown.


This was followed by another teaser just a day later. The second video featured a similar classical score along with a brief video zoomed in on what appears to be a tag on someone’s shirt. The text is hard to make out but on the far left it seems to say “Subject,” suggesting the new character is some sort of science experiment. The accompanying messaging reads: “What is that melody?”

Halfway through the video, we hear what sounds like an alarm as if one of the subjects have escaped. But it doesn’t appear to be the character in the video.

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All of this seems to point to a new hero in Overwatch. And while Blizzard is going to mysterious teaser route, it seems that the name of the character might have already leaked.

Last week, Mexico’s Overwatch World Cup team posted a series of screenshots highlighting the latest Role Queue feature. One of the photos, labeled “temporary art,” was of the post-match overview screen, and contained the image of a character named “Sigma.”

Given that no character named Sigma currently exists in Overwatch, it’s speculated that this is the 31st hero. Based on the small profile picture, he seems to be a guy that would be into classical music.


Obviously not much is known about the upcoming Overwatch hero, but Jeff Kaplan teased earlier this month that he’s “going to be awesome.” With the 2019 Summer Games underway, it seems the next focus for Blizzard is getting this new hero out.