Fortnite: The Final Showdown results in mysterious orb above Loot Lake

Epic Games (screenshot)
Epic Games (screenshot) /

The Final Showdown between the robot mech and ice monster took place in Fortnite, leaving behind a new mystery that must be solved: a floating orb above Loot Lake.

Whether or not you are a fan of Fortnite, you have to admit Epic Games puts on some pretty amazing in-game events. Whether it was the virtual Marshmello concert or one of the annual end-of-season events, these are usually epic moments within the battle royale game.

Today marked The Final Showdown, an epic battle between the giant mecha robot (aka Doggus) versus the vicious polar peak monster (aka Cattus). The fight was one for the ages. But in the event that you missed it, there are plenty of videos and screenshots from the battle all over social media.

The battle itself didn’t result in as much destruction as one would imagine two giants fighting would cause, but a few interesting things were revealed could impact Season 10.

When the monster resurfaced, it made its way to Loot Lake and began pounding on the giant metal vault at Loot Lake. Thankfully the giant robot stopped it in time. The two engaged in a tussle that sent them both into the ocean.

The robot appeared to emerge victoriously but the monster leaped back out of the water and ripped off the robot’s arm. At this point, it smashed into the vault and grabbed an orb which it then used to punch the monster. Then the robot went to Neo Tilted where he grabbed the fountain, revealing it to be the hilt of a sword.

An amazing slow-motion sequence showed the robot leap towards the monster and stab it, turning it into a giant fossil in the middle of the map.

Now what we’re left with is a giant sphere floating above the vault at Loot Lake. What could it be? What does it mean for Season 10?

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At this point, all we can do is speculate, but there are already theories that the sphere will explode and create some sort of time-traveling effect that sends us back in time to the original map, or possibly to a new location entirely. The latter would definitely be the craziest scenario. Even though Epic changes up the map every season, sending us to a totally different second map would be unprecedented.

Back in 2018, Fortnite lead designer Eric Williamson addressed the question of introducing a second map to the game, saying it “isn’t off the table, but it’s not something we’re focused on right now.” That was a year ago though. With more competition in the battle royale space, Epic is now forced to be forward-thinking.

These in-game events are always pretty amazing, but Epic must continue to keep the game itself feeling fresh and new. A new map would definitely change things up a ton.

While we don’t know what is in store for Season 10 just yet, we can probably expect this new mystery to evolve as we near the start of the new season. Epic typically likes to create some sort of in-game mystery puzzle that runs for about a week or two before the new season drops.

What did you think of The Final Showdown and, more importantly, what do you think the sphere above Loot Lake will do?