Fortnite The Final Showdown: When and how to watch Cattus vs Doggus

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Fortnite Season 9’s big event, The Final Showdown, is almost upon us. Here’s everything you need to know before watching Cattus vs Doggus.

Today is the day. The Final Showdown is about to go down in Fortnite.

Ending the season with a bang is nothing new for Fortnite. From Season 4’s stunning Rocket Launch to Season 8’s crazy Unvaulting event, players have seen some pretty wild stuff unfold in the battle royale game.

As is tradition, the same will be true for Season 9 as we prepare for The Final Showdown; Cattus vs Doggus. For weeks we’ve been building towards this and now the fight of the century is about to go down in Fortnite.

The Final Showdown, aka Cattus vs Doggus, will begin around 2:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, July 20. If you’re planning to experience the event live in-game, you’re probably going to want to log in a bit early to avoid any potential issues with queues and wait times. These types of events tend to attract large numbers of players who all seemingly try to log in at once right before the event, resulting in server queues. It’s probably best to give yourself 15, maybe even 20 minutes as a safety net.

Once you are logged in and in a match, you thankfully won’t have to worry about being killed during the event. Riot has appeared to learn from the past and will set up no-kill lobbies so you can simply enjoy the battle unfold without fear of being killed by some troll.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of logging, there will almost certainly be hundreds of streams of the event live as it happens. Or you can probably watch the hundreds of YouTube videos and commentaries that’ll pop up afterward. In other words, it’s almost going to be impossible to avoid The FInal Showdown once it happens.

Cattus vs Doggus has been building throughout Season 9. The Pressure Plant was added new this season, but its purpose wasn’t clear until a few weeks in when we start to see something being built in the “Robot Factory.” This week, the Mecha Team Leader, aka Doggus, was nearing completion, and it resembles some sort of Megazord.

The colorful parts, some of which are inspired by various points of interest in Fortnite, all combine to create this giant robot with a head that resembles the Cuddle Team Leader. Players were able to purchase the Mecha Team Leader outfit from the in-game store.

The Cattus is more elusive, but fans have been tracking it throughout the season. This living creature was trapped within the ice at Polar Peak but eventually broke out. After destroying a few areas of the map, it retreated into the ocean and hasn’t really popped up since.

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So what can we expect during The Final Showdown? Well, thankfully, the major Fortnite leakers have decided not to spoil anything ahead of time. Part of this is due to the .pak files being encrypted by Epic. However, the leakers have warned fans to stay off the internet around 1:30 p.m. ET as that is when the files will begin to be decrypted and spoilers will undoubtedly make the rounds.

Still, even without leaks, it’s not hard to imagine widespread destruction that’ll have major ramifications on the map.

These events typically introduce some map changes before the end of the season, but the real overhaul comes at the start of a new season. So expect some changes following The Final Showdown, but wait for Season 10 before we get a drastic remake.