NBA 2K20 ratings: LeBron James edges Kawhi Leonard as this year’s best player

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Kawhi Leonard may have led the Toronto Raptors to a championship, but LeBron James is still the GOAT for at least one more year, according to NBA 2K20’s player ratings.

After an hour-long livestream, we finally have an answer to who will be this year’s best player in NBA 2K20; LeBron James is still the King.

As mentioned in our original announcement post, this has been one of the more exciting free agency periods in the NBA. We’ve sort of seen a shift away from the “Big 3” formula teams have gone with in the past, and instead, we have multiple teams with two superstars each. 2K is fittingly calling these new pairings “Dynamic Duos.”

As expected, the Los Angeles Lakers duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the best with an average overall rating of 95.5. On their heels is the crosstown rivals L.A. Clippers duo of  Kawhi Leonard and Paul George with an average overall rating of 95.  Kevin Durant, who will miss most of the year nursing an Achilles injury, and Kyrie Irving — the new Brooklyn Nets duo — are the third best with an average overall rating of 93.5. Rounding out the group is the duo of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, a reunion in Houston, with an average rating of 93 overall.

2K also revealed the top five rookies in this year’s NBA draft class. Unsurprisingly, New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson — the No. 1 overall draft pick — is the highest rated rookie with an overall of 81. There’s really no surprises with the rookie ratings here as Ja Morant (79 OVR), RJ Barrett (78 OVR), De’Andre Hunter (77 OVR) and Darius Garland (77 OVR) round out the top five.

Now anyone who watches the NBA realizes the game has shifted dramatically in the past decade or so, becoming more of a shooting league. Teams now live by the three and die by the three. Given that the Warriors revolutionized the game, It should come as no surprise that the splash brothers are among the best shooters in NBA 2K20 with Stephen Curry having a 99 3PT rating and Klay Thompson — who will miss significant time this year recovering from injury — with a 97 3PT rating. Rounding out the top five shooters in NBA 2K20 are Joe Harris (94 3PT rating), J.J. Redick (90 3PT rating) and Buddy Hield (90 3PT rating).

The NBA is a league driven by superstars. All you need is two or three superstars to become a contender. With that in mind, 2K revealed the top 20 players in NBA 2K20.

LeBron James (L.A. Lakers) and Kawhi Leonard (L.A. Clippers) are at the top of the list with both having a 97 overall rating; however, 2K confirmed that LeBron “has the slight edge” on Kawhi. With a dominating playoff performance that led the Toronto Raptors to the NBA championship, Kawhi Leonard sparked the conversation that he has taken the mantle of “greatest player” from LeBron James.

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At 34-years-old, LeBron James has held the mantle for the highest-rated player since NBA 2K7. But everyone is waiting for King James to slow down; he did suffer a strained groin last year, but there’s little to be concerned about in the long term. Having missed out on the playoffs, he’s undoubtedly hungry to prove he’s still the best. With Anthony Davis by his side, he could put up insane numbers.

Interestingly, Milwaukee Bucks superstar and last year’s MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is the third-best player in NBA 2K20 with a 96 overall; but, he’s technically tied with Kevin Durant (96 OVR) and James Harden (96).

As for the rest of the top 20 players, here’s how it shakes out:

  1. LeBron James – 97 overall
  2. Kawhi Leonard – 97 overall
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96 overall
  4. Kevin Durant – 96 overall
  5. James Harden – 96 overall
  6. Steph Curry – 95 overall
  7. Anthony Davis – 94 overall
  8. Paul George – 93 overall
  9. Damian Lillard – 92 overall
  10. Joel Embiid – 91 overall
  11. Kyrie Irving – 91 overall
  12. Nikola Jovic – 90 overall
  13. Russell Westbrook – 90 overall
  14. Klay Thompson – 89 overall
  15. Karl-Anthony Towns – 89 overall
  16. Jimmy Butler – 88 overall
  17. Kemba Walker – 88 overall
  18. Donovan Mitchell – 88 overall
  19. Rudy Gobert – 88 overall
  20. Blake Griffin – 88 overall

Honestly, it’s hard to complain about any of these ratings. One could argue that Anthony Davis is a little overrated right now, but he’s probably benefitting from the hype of playing alongside LeBron James, who will surely boost his stats. Paul George at 93 overall also seems a bit high, but this is just nitpicking.

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Do you agree with the top 20 rated players in NBA 2K20? We have all summer to debate as NBA 2K20 doesn’t launch until September 6.