Teamfight Tactics adding ranked play, Twisted Fate with patch 9.14

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The first season of Teamfight Tactics, aka the “Beta Season,” will kick off with League of Legends patch 9.14. With it will come ranked play and a new champion.

Teamfight Tactics has become a smash hit since releasing about a week ago. The newest game mode in League of Legends is Riot Games’ take on Auto Chess. It takes the overall premise of the strategy game, applies a League of Legends skin to it and makes a few tweaks.

While it’s not without flaws — like being too reliant on RNG — Teamfight Tactics has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the LoL community. But as a new game, there’s still plenty to be improved upon and Riot Games has outlined what’s to come in the future.

In a dev update posted this week, Riot made note of “some adjustments made to Garen, Yasuo, Morellonomicon, Kennen, the drop chance of all units, and more.” Currently, Teamfight Tactics is in a pre-ranked beta state, which Riot is using as a chance to polish the mode and put it “in the best possible state” before heading into the official start of the first season.

The first season of Teamfight Tactics, which is being dubbed the “Beta Season,” will arrive with patch 9.14. It will introduce a ranked queue with ladder play. Riot particularly noted how difficult it can be to actually win in Teamfight Tactics, so for the sake of the ladder, placing in the top four will move you up in rank. This is seemingly designed to encourage players from giving up too early if the RNG doesn’t roll their way early on.

Not getting the units or items you find is certainly frustrating, but I’ve managed to recover quite nicely late game in order to salvage a match. I may not win, but I can at least make it competitive.

In addition to ranked play, patch 9.14 will introduce a new champion to Teamfight Tactics. Twisted Fate, the Card Master, will be entering the fray as a Pirate/Sorcerer. The addition of another Pirate makes building that team comp a little more manageable early on, and another sorcerer is always welcome.

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Riot assured they will continue to add new content to Teamfight Tactics with every major League of Legends patch, ensuring the long term commitment to the new game mode. The developer promised the “first new origin” will arrive soon, allow for even more build paths and strategy options for team comps. This should keep the game mode from becoming stale with the currently limited options.

The first season of Teamfight Tactics will run for about three months. When it ends, Riot will introduce a second set of champions that should replace the current pool. This should not only help keep the pool from becoming oversaturated when introducing new champions each patch but should keep Teamfight Tactics feeling fresh and fun.

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