Clash of Clans June update: Legend League is getting a much-needed redesign

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Stuck in the clouds? Clash of Clans’ June update will introduce Operation Blue Skies, a complete overhaul of the Legend League.

In what is presumably the final sneak peek before the June update arrives for Clash of Clans, Supercell saved the best for last. The Legend League is getting a much-needed redesign.

Dubbed Operation Blue Skies, the update aims to address the frustrating issue of getting “stuck in the clouds,” or being unable to find a match in reasonable time once you hit the Legend League. As Supercell explains in their dev update, this occurs when you climb high in the trophy ranks and don’t have enough opponents to attack.

“This is partly due to the lack of sufficient number of targets at your trophy level and partly due to too many bases having defensive shields, thus preventing you from having a suitable target,” Supercell explains.

So what is Supercell doing to resolve this issue? Enter Operation Blue Skies.

When you reach 5,000 trophies, you’ll be greeted with a brand new multiplayer attack screen that allows you to sign up for the new Legend League matchmaking. Once you opt in, you’ll see an “Attack” and “Defense” menu; but, the big change here is a specific number of matches allotted per day.

Clash of Clans‘ new Legend League allows eight attacks and defenses per day. “Instead of finding matches as you go, we find you matches at the beginning of each day,” Supercell outlines. In other words, there’s no more searching for opponents. You’ll be able to play these matches at any time during the day without having to wait hours in between attacks.

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Attacks are worth up to 40 Trophies each and you can not lose trophies on an attack. For the defense menu, you can set your layout and choose your Clan Castle troops; these are both set-and-forget options.

The number of attacks will reset to eight at the start of each new League Day. Any attacks not used within a League Day are forfeited. Each League Season will still run for a month, with trophies resetting to 5,000 at the start of each new League Season.

Here’s a breakdown of the amount of trophies you can earn per attack:

  • For 0 stars you’ll get 0 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 10% DP above 0%
  • For 1 stars you’ll get 5 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 9% DP above 1%
  • For 2 stars you’ll get 16 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above 50%
  • For 3 stars you’ll get 40 trophies

And the loot you can earn for attacking a max Town Hall 12:

  • 450k gold
  • 550k elixir
  • 6.5k dark elixir

Don’t worry, you will not actually have your resources stolen as a defensive village. Instead, it functions more like Clan Wars, where it’s stolen from a pool.

The June update also changes how Defensive Shields will function, with it now serving as a way for you to take a break from a League Day since you can now be attacked even if you’re online. As Supercell explains:

"Under the previous system, having an active Shield prevented players from attacking your village when you went offline. However, in the Legend League because players are attacking a snapshot of your village each day, players will be able to attack you whether you are online or offline."

Defensive Shields will essentially pause your position in the Legend League. However, they will not activate immediately upon purchasing them; rather, the shield will not go into effect until the next League Day.

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So if you were to purchase one in the middle of the day, you’re base can still be attack until the shield activates at the start of the next League Day. This means that it is possible for you to fall below the Legend League threshold before the Shield goes into effect. And because players are attacking a snapshot of your village, you’ll be able to be attacked even if you are online.

The Legend League bracket will remain at 5,000 trophies and falling below 4,900 will send you back to the normal matchmaking pool. If you purchase a Defensive Shield but fall below the Legend League trophy threshold before it activates, then it will remain active in the normal multiplayer system.

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Overall, this is a massive overhaul to the Legend League and based on the reception by players, it was long-awaited. I’ve personally never hit the Legend League, but it seems lots of other players have, and they couldn’t be happier with this overhaul.

While many of the changes in both the June update and previous updates have focused on encouraging newcomers and keeping players active, it’s nice to see Supercell finally focus on issues impacting higher trophy level players. This is a fantastic quality of life improvement that also levels the playing field in Legend League.

Operation Blue Skies was the last major sneak peek for the Clash of Clans June update, but Supercell did say they have “a couple other tidbits” that will be shared over the weekend. That means the update probably won’t drop until sometime next week at the earliest.