Apex Legends Season 2 details: Battle Charge, Wattson and L-Star revealed

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Season 2 of Apex Legends is called Battle Charge and will arrive on July 2. Check out all of the exciting new things it’ll bring.

During EA Play, Respawn Entertainment hosted a 30-minute panel highlighting all of the big changes coming to Apex Legends with Season 2. A new Battle Pass, called Battle Charge, promises tons of new cosmetics, but that’s just the start of it. Season 2 will bring a new, but familiar weapon, daily and weekly challenges, a ranked mode, a tenth Legend and more.

For starters, Battle Pass will kick off on July 2 and will feature daily and weekly challenges for the first time. As previously detailed, the new season will bring more Legendary rewards to unlock; there will now be a Legendary item available every 25 Battle Pass levels, with the level 100 reward being an evolving weapon skin with a special recolored version for players who make it to level 110.

Season 2 will also introduce a new weapon that Titanfall players will be quite familiar with. The L-Star is a plasma-fueled EMG. This fully automatic doesn’t use ammunition picked up from the ground and is only found in care packages; that’s because it’s “so OP.”  While the weapon doesn’t use ammunition, sustained fire will cause it to overheat and temporarily stop working. A brief highlight video showcased the deadly new weapon which actually has the ability to shoot open doors. Talk about a game-changer.

Also debuting with Season 2 is the game’s tenth Legend (character). Wattson, whose real name is Natalie, was revealed with an animated story trailer narrated by her father.

A scientific genius and electrical engineer, Wattson is a defensive-focused character designed to counter the aggressive third-party meta in Apex Legends.

“If you plan and you adapt to the environment and really know the map and work really closely with your team, you can create these strong defenses that people are going to think about in terms of how they push on you,” Respawn explained.

Wattson abilities emphasize a more “stance, RTS” approach that gives players an alternative to the hyper-aggressive playstyle that’s currently dominating the meta. Wattson has more interrelated abilities than any other current character.

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She can place electrical fence nodes to create a defensive structure around her team. If any enemies pass through the fence, it’ll ping your team of their location.

Her ultimate is the Interception Pylon which shoots down bombardments and incoming grenades, while also charging your teams’ shield. Being near the Pylon will also speed up the recharge of Wattson’s Tactical ability, allowing you to build up a larger fortress more quickly. This will allow for all sorts of defensive strategies, including flank control and fencing off towers.

Her passive is that ultimate accelerants give you your Ultimate 100 percent Ultimate charge so “if you save up ultimate accelerants over the course of a match, that allows you to place more Pylons which means you don’t have to play conservatively as long as you save up Ultimate Charges.”

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Wattson is the beginning of Respawn’s attempt to establish some more in-depth lore behind the concepts of Apex Legends. She and her father actually invented the Ring, and she grew up in the arena while they were building it. Respawn promised to expand upon the universe of Apex Legends with backstory that’ll finally answer players’ questions about the game.

Lastly, Season 2 will debut Ranked play, a new competitive option that’ll match players by skill as they attempt to climb individual tiers. Ranked 1.0 will bring six tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator) with exclusive cosmetics and rewards.

Closing out the stream was a sizzle reel that featured a very intriguing teaser – some sort of giant animal/monster eyeball. Respawn didn’t get into specifics but did tease “a couple of big things” coming to Grand Canyon in Season 2.

Apex Legends is free-to-play with the option to purchase the Battle Pass for additional enjoyment and cosmetics. In Season 2, challenges will provide some in-game objectives that not only make gameplay more interesting and fresh but also help you progress through the Battle Pass more quickly.

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What do you think of all of the changes coming to Apex Legends next season?