Anthem update 1.2 sets the stage for the Cataclysm, full patch notes detailed

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After more than a month of radio silence, BioWare has finally updated Anthem. Update 1.2 is now live and sets the state for Cataclysm in the future.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything regarding Anthem which, if you don’t remember, was supposed to be BioWare’s regularly updated multiplayer sci-fi shooter. The once-anticipated game has proven to become the year’s biggest disappointment; frustrating bugs, a broken loot system, odd design choices and a lack of endgame content have marred the overall gameplay experience.

To BioWare’s credit, the developer has released several updates implementing quality of life improvements. For instance, you no longer have to travel to Fort Tarsis to perform trivial tasks like launching new missions or accessing the Forge anymore. In fact, the ridiculousness of accessing the Forge has been largely addressed and it’s no longer the annoyance it once was at launch.

But overall, Anthem is not the game that was promised to players. And it hit a new low when it was realized by players that it had been over a month since BioWare had any communication regarding the game. That’s not exactly the best way to build a community or instill confidence in a fanbase that already suspects EA will dump the game at any given moment.

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Just as headlines regarding BioWare’s radio silence started to make rounds, the developer released a surprise update today. While the 1.2 update is one of the largest Anthem has seen in quite a while, it’s mostly to set the stage for a future update, the Cataclysm.

Originally planned as the end cap for Act 1, the Cataclysm was delayed from its May window as BioWare focused on addressing the many issues plaguing Anthem. While we still don’t have an estimated timeframe for when the Cataclysm will arrive, BioWare did at least acknowledge the eagerly awaited update. The developer confirmed that they will make use of a Public Test Server for the update, and that a first look at the Cataclysm will be provided tomorrow, May 30, at 3:00 p.m. CT.

"“Rather than rush it out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear. In order to do that we are releasing a Public Test Server (PTS) on PC, which will allow you to see the content as it is being developed and gives you the ability to provide feedback. While this won’t immediately solve all of the current issues, we want to continue to hear from you as we make improvements to Anthem – and the PTS is a great way to do that.”"

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As for the 1.2 update, it makes some improvements to Freeplay mode, including an improved compass that shows collectible items as a question mark and the ability to fast travel to different strider locations from the map. Three Emerald Abyss Legendary missions have been added as well. Update 1.2 also includes gear balancing adjustments for the javelins and a ton of bug fixes. Full patch notes for Anthem update 1.2 can be found here.