Bungie teases a ‘new era’ for Destiny 2

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Bungie isn’t quite ready to reveal the future of Destiny 2, but talk of a “new era” for the online multiplayer shooter is already happening.

This week’s update from Bungie was all about setting the stage for Season of Opulence, the last major content update for Destiny 2: Forsaken. Tucked away at the bottom of the update, however, was a brief note by Bungie that will give current and past fans of the Destiny franchise something to look forward to.

Closing out the post, Bungie teased that following the Season of Opulence’s release, the developer will begin “looking deeper into the future” of Destiny. It’s unclear exactly what this means, but Bungie promised to share more about “a new era for Bungie and Destiny 2.”

Bungie ended its 10-year publishing partnership with Activision in January of this year and assumed the publishing rights for the online first-person shooter. Whatever this “new era” is, it will be the first with Bungie having complete autonomy on Destiny, which is pretty exciting stuff.

Whether it’s fair or accurate, many pin Destiny‘s shortfalls on Activision. With the publishing behemoth now out of the picture, Destiny is completely in Bungie’s control. What the studio will do with it is the biggest mystery of all; but, as a former player, I’m excited to see what they have planned.

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Like many others, I had high hopes for Destiny when it was first released. And, like many others, I was ultimately disappointed with the first game. Destiny: The Taken King drew me back to the franchise and is what re-instilled my faith in Bungie leading up to Destiny 2. While I enjoyed Destiny 2 and appreciated its many improvements over its predecessor, it ultimately failed to hold my attention.

Whether you still play Destiny 2 or have since moved on, Bungie’s vision will be pivotal for the future of the franchise. Can Bungie successfully convince players that Destiny can grow to become the game they envisioned years ago? Season of Opulence launches in less than two weeks, so we’re probably at least a month away from learning more about this “new era” of Destiny 2.

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Personally, I thought Bungie’s first move since gaining independence from Activision would be an entirely new installment. Destiny 3 seems like a given, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie tries to get a few more years out of Destiny 2 while they work on an entirely new game.