Battle royale mode revealed for Call of Duty: Mobile

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After diving headfirst into the battle royale genre with Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision is now bringing the mode to Call of Duty: Mobile.

With reports that Activision is abandoning battle royale with this year’s Call of Duty installment (rumored to be Modern Warfare 4), it appears that the publisher is completely willing to ditch the game mode. In case you haven’t heard, Activision is releasing Call of Duty: Mobile, a fully-fledged mobile version of the popular first-person shooter series.

Call of Duty: Mobile promises all of the “heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action” that the series offers on consoles, but optimized for mobile devices. Call of Duty: Mobile features your standard assortment of multiplayer matches, ranging from free-for-all to team deathmatch, but that’s not all Activision has planned.

Announced today, Call of Duty: Mobile will launch with battle royale as a second game mode offering.

Activision compared the mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout, which was Activision’s first attempt into the battle royale genre. It was actually met with enthusiasm and praise, but translating it over to mobile will likely pose a different set of challenges.

For the most part, Call of Duty: Mobile – Battle Royale will be fairly traditional. It’ll feature 100 players on a single large-scale map, fighting to become the victor. Solo, duo, or four-person teams are currently being playtested, and the mode will feature a teammate revive feature. Each player will choose from one of six initial classes – Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Medic and Ninja – with each class offering its own unique ability and skill.

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Over on the blog, Activision provides a pretty in-depth rundown of the mode, including the various ways in which they’ve optimized it to be mobile friendly. Call of Duty: Mobile is hardly the first battle royale game to come to mobile devices, but Activision has primarily been a console and PC publisher, so it’s understandable if there’s a bit of skepticism.

While Blackout was a surprise hit for Activision in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, I honestly thought we were past the battle royale craze. Of course, given the popularity of Fortnite on the platform, I could see why Activision would want to at least explore the opportunity.

Call of Duty is already one of the most successful console franchises of all time. Bringing it to mobile devices and then adding a popular game mode is almost a surefire recipe for success.

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Battle Royale is one of two multiplayer modes that comprise the core Call of Duty: Mobile experience. It’s unclear what else Activision has in store for the game, but stay tuned for more details coming in the weeks and months ahead.