Clash Royale: New Goblin Cage card packs a strong punch

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Clash Royale’s newest card, the Globlin Cage, introduces an effective offensive counter-attack to aggressive play.

This week, Supercell Games unveiled the newest card coming to Clash Royale — the Goblin Cage.

The Goblin Cage is essentially a reverse Cannon Cart. It’s placed on the battlefield as a building and when destroyed, it unleashes a single Goblin Brawler. This Hulk-like Goblin Brawler — who “never skips leg day” — isn’t necessarily the strongest of units; but, he can effectively lead an offensive counter-push to help change the tides of battle.

Arriving next month, the Goblin Cage is a rare card that costs four (4) elixir to deploy. When played, it places a prison structure (building) with 800 health. The structure lasts for 15 seconds or until the enemy destroys it, whichever happens first.

Upon being destroyed,  a level 9 Goblin Brawler busts out (Brawler’s level will increase as you level up the Goblin Cage). This beefed-up Goblin is similar to that of the Lumberjack card; it’s a single melee unit with “very fast” speed. While not incredibly strong, he can definitely deal some decent tower damage if left unattended. He’s deceptively fast at attacking and while he won’t overpower most individual units, he can whittle away tower health quite quickly.

Unlike most new cards, the Goblin Cage doesn’t seem overtly overpowered. However, it can be incredibly effective when played in the right situation. It’s effective in drawing enemy units away from friendly towers, distracting Hog Riders, Giants, or other troops that focus towers first just long enough for you to deal great damage to them. The Goblin Cage is also an effective counter to the current Prince meta. It can take the Prince out of its charge and then continue to distract it in its weakened state with the Goblin Brawler.

In a one-vs-one situation with another unit, the Goblin Brawler doesn’t offer. However, if you can distract a unit with the Cage and weaken it, then the Goblin Brawler that spawns can likely finish it off, setting up the potential for a counter-attack. It is in this situation where the Goblin Cage/Brawler is most effective.

Use it to distract and weaken enemy attack units, and then follow it up with a push of your own. If done correctly, your Goblin Brawler should have enough health to at least soak up some additional tower shots or whatever else the opponent throws at you.

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The Goblin Cage’s four elixir cost is probably on point for its effectiveness on the surface. But as I mentioned, this card is quite versatile. In the right hands, it’s probably very effective in shifting the tides of battle; so in that sense, perhaps it technically a steal play for just four elixir. I don’t think I’ll get much use of it in my current deck, but I can imagine the experts might find a spot for it.

Clash Royale‘s new Goblin Cage card was available temporarily through the Special Challenge over the weekend, giving players a chance to earn a free one. It will officially unlock and become available for everyone to start farming for on June 3.