Call of Duty panel at E3 2019 will offer a look at the next installment in the franchise

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A panel hosted by Infinity Ward at E3 Coliseum in June promises to offer a look at the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, which is speculated to be Modern Warfare 4.

Is it possible that we don’t see the new Call of Duty until E3 next month? Traditionally, Activision unveils the newest upcoming installment the Call of Duty franchise in April or May, but the publisher has yet to do so with this year’s game from developer Infinity Ward.

Now, May has only just begun, so there’s still plenty of time. However, the official E3 account on Twitter posted an announcement that Infinity Ward will be hosting a panel next month in which they discuss “the next installment of the critically acclaimed Call of Duty franchise.”

Activision has openly talked about the new Call of Duty game but hasn’t revealed any actual specifics. That said, there’s been tons of rumors, leaks and speculation, with many expecting Infinity Ward to return to the Modern Warfare series.

There’s been no lack of intriguing clues pointing towards Modern Warfare 4, but nothing is actually official until Activision or Infinity Ward announce it. Hopefully, that’ll come before the actual E3 panel.

During Activision’s recent earnings call, COO Coddy Johnson confirmed that Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty will be revealed sometime during the publisher’s second quarter, which runs from April through June.

“We continue to feel incredibly good about this year’s game coming from Infinity Ward. The game’s going to be revealed later this quarter. I think it’s going to be really clear then why we’re really so excited about the release,” Johnson said.

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May is the most obvious timeframe, at least judging by Activision’s past history. However, E3 would technically still work since that’s at the beginning of June. Still, it would seem odd to wait that long for at least some sort of teaser, even with an increased focus on supporting the longevity of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 4, which released last October, has already received multiple post-launch content drops, with two more still planned (summer and fall). But Activision has always supported its games with DLC throughout the year, and that never stopped the publisher from revealing a new game in April or May to give fans something to look forward to later in the year.

Next. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is looking very likely for 2019. dark

I’m expecting at least a teaser for Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty to be released prior to the E3 panel. I think within the next week or two we will start to see our first clues as to what the game will be, and I fully expect it to be Modern Warfare 4. Thankfully, the wait — even if it’s until E3 — isn’t that much longer.