The Sims FreePlay: Pool Paradise update introduces new SimChase event

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy in The Sims FreePlay. Check out what’s new in the Pool Paradise update, which is now live for the mobile game.

Spring doesn’t officially end for a few more weeks, but The Sims FreePlay is wasting no time soaking up the sun. This week, EA developer Firemonkeys Studios released the Pool Paradise update for the long-running Sims mobile game. The latest update busts out the bathing suits and spas and will make those still experiencing sub-50 degree temperatures in real life long for the arrival of summer.

With complaints that The Sims FreePlay was turning into a stale grind fest with repetitive quests, the Pool Paradise update introduces a brand new type of event — SimChase Quest, “a TV game show-styled event where, over the course of 7 days, the player’s Sim is tasked with completing a set of daily challenges to reach a checkpoint and win a checkpoint prize.”

Timed events are nothing new to The Sims FreePlay, but what makes SimChase different is the fact that you’ll be racing against a rival Sim to reach the Checkpoints and win daily prizes. Should you make it to the checkpoint first, you get the prize; however, if your rival makes it there before you then you will lose out on that day’s prize.

Prizes come in the form of actual items or Chase Tokens, which grant you a chance at a random reward in the Roadworks section of the event. These items are specific to SimChase and can either help your Sim progress faster or present obstacles for your rival to slow them down.

Should you fall behind, there are opportunities to catch up to your rival. At the end of the Daily Challenge Set, you can use SP to skip that day’s set. You are also able to skip individual Challenges throughout the day using SP.

Additionally, like regular seasonal events, SimChase has a daybreak lock, which essentially caps your progress in the event. Once you hit the daybreak lock, you are unable to continue until the clock resets for a new day.

While not confirmed, I’m going to assume your “rival” in the game is actually an NPC. Otherwise, the ability to use SP for the event would turn it into an unfair pay-to-win advantage. And with only one prize for the day, that would undoubtedly cause a riot amongst the players. That said, I hope the challenges aren’t too extreme because these types of events can sometimes turn into a cheap money grab.

SimChase Season 1, Mother’s Day Madness, kicks off on April 30. The season consists of seven episodes, with one episode available per day. Each episode features a series of daily challenges that must be completed to earn the prize. A grand prize is rewarded at the end of the season.

While you can read the FAQ here, we’ll have a better idea in terms of the actual rules once the event goes live. You can start the event by talking to host Kam Ham in the Nightclub on the right side of the SimTown map.

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In addition to SimChase, the Pool Paradise update will also introduce the Poolside Paradise Live Event, which seems more in line with the traditional events we’ve experienced in the past where you must simply grind for prizes. This nine-day event starts on May 7.

Four previous events will also be returning throughout the month: Country Homestead Woodwording Hobby Event (May 13-22), Chic Boutique Live Event (May 21-31), Snow Problem Christmas Seasonal Quest (May 21 – June2) and the Hair Hobby Event Long Hair v3 (May 25 – June 2).

Beyond events and quests, the Paradise Pools update features one last new addition — the In-Ground Spas category in Build Mode. You’ll also find Support Posts, which allow you to build balconies and decks. These multi-story support beams should allow for more creative freedom as you will be able to build balconies away from the main building.

Be sure to check back when SimChase goes live to let us know your thoughts on the new event.