Parkour!: Techland confirms Dying Light 2 will be at E3 2019

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Are you ready for some hardcore parkour at E3 this year? Techland’s zombie-survival action-adventure sequel, Dying Light 2, will return to the biggest show in the industry.

Last year, Techland announced Dying Light 2, the long-awaited sequel to the Polish developer’s post-apocalyptic, open-world action-adventure. However, we haven’t seen or heard much about the game since its reveal during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference.

That will change soon, as Techland confirmed they will be bringing Dying Light 2 to E3. In a tweet, the developer called the game their “most ambitious project to date.” Accompanying the announcement was a 15-second video teasing the day-night cycle. which plays a huge role in a core gameplay mechanic.

For anyone unfamiliar with Dying Light, the first-person action-adventure combined energetic parkour traversal with traditional zombie-survival mechanics. What made it truly great, however, was just how different the experience felt depending on the game’s day-night cycle.

During the day, it played like a pretty straight-forward open-world zombie-survival. You could complete missions, scavenge for supplies and explore the area in relative safety. Your parkour capabilities allowed for easy traversal across the rooftops; you could easily outrun the infected.

At night, however, the difficulty was amplified as the infected would become far more aggressive and deadlier. This is where the game’s parkour mechanics truly shined as your best bet for survival was running from these terrifying, mutated creatures.

Techland’s trailer at E3 last year showed off relatively more the same in terms of gameplay mechanics, though it emphasized player choice throughout your playthrough. With multiple factions vying for control of the city, your choices during missions are said to “decide the fate of a decaying City.”

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Dying Light 2 was shown during Microsoft’s E3 press conference last year, so I’m assuming Techland will return once again return to the stage for Xbox — especially since Sony has no substantial plans for E3 2019 and is skipping its traditional PlayStation press conference.

Microsoft’s E3 briefing will be held on Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

On a somewhat related note, Techland attempted to hop on the battle royale bandwagon late last year by releasing Dying Light: Bad Blood. It was an intriguing take on the battle royale genre with some interesting mechanics, but it ultimately fell victim to oversaturation of the market.