The Division 2 – Invasion: Battle for D.C. ‘Tidal Basin’ update now live with full patch notes

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Invasion: Battle for D.C. has begun in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, unlocking the Tidal Basin stronghold and more.

As promised, Ubisoft rolled out the Tidal Basin update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Today’s update, officially dubbed “Invasion: Battle for D.C.”, is just the beginning Ubisoft’s robust post-launch content plans for The Division 2, introducing the last of the four Strongholds, World Tier 5 and more.

While much of the contents of today’s update have been previously, Ubisoft has posted official patch notes, including a lengthy list of bug fixes, balance and skill changes, and weapon adjustments.

In terms of new content, the highlight of the update is Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the Black Tusk faction which invades the game upon completing the initial story. “Tidal Basin is now home to some of the most powerful enemies in the game, and they’re not going down easy,” Ubisoft teased of the new stronghold, which unlocks World Tier 5 upon completion.

With World Tier 5 comes the possibility of obtaining weapons and items with gear score ratings between 450-500. However, it won’t come easy as World Tier 5 also introduces weekly invasions in which the Black Tusk take control over selected main missions and strongholds. Once invaded, these activities offer a more difficult challenge, but also better rewards and loot upon completion.

If it’s still too easy, Invasion: Battle for D.C. also offers a new Heroic difficulty. Ubisoft claims this setting will make “for some of the most challenging gameplay yet.” Given how much I die already, I can’t imagine how much more difficult it can actually get.

The Division 2 Gear Sets
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World Tier 5 also brings three new Gear Sets to the game: True Patriot, Ongoing Director and Hardwired. These have a chance to drop from Invaded Missions or Black Tusk enemies. Two new exotic weapons – Pestilence and Nemesis – are also available.

With the arrival of all this new content comes The Division 2’s first apparel event. The Invasion Apparel Event runs from April 5 through April 25 and allows agents to “collect outfits inspired by enemy factions.”

This involves earning Event Keys through either playing the game or directly purchasing them with premium credits. Keys drop from enemies in both the main area and Dark Zone, only if you are level 30.

Ubisoft notes:

"After the event ends on April 25, players can still use their leftover keys to open caches as well as purchase additional ones to complete apparel sets until May 2, but will no longer earn keys through the game.”"

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Invasion: Battle for D.C. is just the first part of The Division 2‘s post-launch content. Ubisoft has plans to release even more content for free in the form of “Episodes” that will release throughout the first year.

Episode 1, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is releasing this summer with two new main missions and a new game mode. Episode 2, Pentagon: The Last Castle, will also come with additional main missions later this fall. The third and final episode, which has yet to be named, will arrive in the winter and “close the first chapter of The Division 2 story,” paving the way for more content in the future, Ubisoft teases.

You can view the full patch notes for The Division 2‘s Invasion: Battle for D.C. update here.