Xbox Games with Gold April 2019: The Technomancer, Star Wars Battlefront II and more

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April 2019’s Xbox Games with Gold will allow us to experience Star Wars Battlefront II as the series was originally intended.

Heading into the second quarter of 2019 (can you even believe it?), Microsoft has announced the Games with Gold for April, and it’s not a bad assortment. The inclusion of the original Star Wars Battlefront II makes it exciting on its own. But that’s only one of the games we’re getting for free!

In total, we’re looking at four games — two for Xbox One, two for Xbox 360 (with Xbox One backward compatibility) — that add up to over $109 in value and 3000 possible gamerscore. Not bad for a free assortment of games for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers.

Kicking things off on April 1 is The Technomancer, an action-RPG in which you play as an ascending mage warrior on Mars who, while on the verge of becoming a fully-fledged Technomancer uncovers a dark and ancient mystery on the Big Red Planet.

The Technomancer received mixed reviews on release, criticized for stiff animation, monotone voice acting, disappointing combat and overall lack of polish. It was praised for its environmental beauty and sci-fi settings, though.

The Technomancer will be available all month long, but arriving on April 16 is Outcast: Second Contact, a complete remake of the cult classic.

The critically acclaimed Outcast was released in 1999, revolutionizing the industry as the first 3D open-world game. Many of today’s popular games owe their success to Outcast for its bold and innovative designs at the time.

The original Outcast was released on PC; however, Second Contact is a complete remake that didn’t quite receive the same glowing reception. Its mixed scores on Metacritic recognize the rich history behind the title, but also acknowledge that some of its elements are dated by today’s standards.

The overall consensus is that Outcast: Second Son is worth a look for newcomers, if only for the important role it played in game development.

Shifting over to Xbox 360, we’re getting Star Wars Battlefront II on April 1. Yes, the classic multiplayer shooter sequel from 2005 will be free next month, allowing players to experience the true nature of the classic series instead of settling for EA’s vision.

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For those unhappy with EA’s take on the beloved Star Wars shooter series, this will allow you to revisit a galaxy far, far away as the series was originally envisioned by LucasArts.

Star Wars Battlefront II is technically an Xbox 360 game, though it will be playable on Xbox One via the system’s backward compatibility feature. I’m curious to see the impact this will have on EA’s current Battlefront II game, which has been met with mixed reception; though, a definite improvement over their first attempt.

Closing out next month’s offerings will be Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, a tactical shooter that received rave reviews when it was released over a decade ago; essentially, it was 2007’s take on The Division 2-style gameplay.

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I, personally, love the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games, so I’m ecstatic to see this one made free next month. The political intrigue of these titles combined with polished gameplay makes it a title at least worth checking out, especially if you have any interest in The Division 2.